Tim Ryan is an American politician who served as a United States representative for Ohio from 2003 to 2023. Tim is also a best-selling author of multiple books including, Healing America, and A Mindful Nation. He has launched a new endeavor called “We The People,” which is dedicated to fostering unity, reform, and reconciliation in American society.

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  • Gratitude – In Tim’s last speech as a congressman, he said “It’s an honor to be a citizen of the United States. I think we get out of this mess we’re in, the polarization, the hate, the anger, the fear… The first step out of that is with gratitude.”
  • Tim opens by sharing the impact his high school football coaches had on him and why playing quarterback at John F. Kennedy High School prepared him for life as a leader…
  • In 2002, Tim ran for the United States House of Representatives for the 17th District.  Tim was initially seen as an underdog in a 6-way primary. He was elected at age 29.
  • “There is an exhausted majority in the country, and they feel like they don’t have any political home at all,” Ryan said, describing his target audience as those who have been “checking out.” “That’s maddening because that gives a bigger voice to those forces of division and hate and anger, so we want to build an organization that welcomes these people to participate.”
  • AOC endorsed Tim for his Senate run in 2022. And he said, “It’s not helpful here. Nor did I seek it.”
  • David Axelrod said about Tim’s 2022 Senate Run that “he’s running the best campaign in the country. And the best campaign in the country may not be enough.”
  • “Dave Matthews has inspired me to live a better life, to do what’s right, that it’s okay to care about each other.”
    • “There may be some things where we don’t agree, but I think we need to have decent people that care about us in government, and I think Tim is a decent man.” — Dave Matthews
    • I’m honored to have Dave Matthews, one of my absolute favorite musicians, in the Buckeye State to fire up our team and bring this thing home.”
  • Being in the moment – The campaign trail is grueling. Every day is a new town with new people. And you need to get up and give your stump speech, listen to people, and tell compelling stories. His mantra of “I am only in control of this stump speech,” and Tim’s ability to stay in the moment was critical and is a key reason why he’s done so well over the years.
  • Tim’s grandfather… And the impact he had on his life. “He was there.”
    • Regardless of the weather or whatever he had going on, Tim felt his grandfather’s presence as a servant leader. This is an excellent reminder for us as leaders that our first job is to consistently show up for those we lead.
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Time Stamps

00:22 – Lessons From a Quarterback

02:23 – Thoughts on Media Coverage in the Political World

07:33 – Winning a Tight Race at the Age of 29

09:39 – How to Become a Better Communicator

15:45 – The Impact of Grandparents

25:06 – Running the Best Campaign And Not Winning

28:54 – An Average Day on the Campaign Trail

34:01 – Is There a Way Back to Common Ground for the Exhausted Majority?

52:43 – Life Advice from Tim Ryan

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