I love the diverse backgrounds and perspectives that are present in this group. Each meeting, I have at least one takeaway that I try to practice in the coming weeks.

I also enjoy that no one in the group works in the same field as me, so all conversations are coming from a new perspective. I am learning so much that I can take back and incorporate with the people I work with at my company.

Rebecca Jutkus

Manager, Chocolate Product Development

Ten people committed to growing themselves and their impact, bound together in a common effort to pursue learning, strive for excellence and embrace accountability.

That is what the Learning Leader Circles are all about.

You've probably heard the quote from Jim Rohn that "you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Don't let chance dictate who those people will be in your professional life. There are learning leaders from all over the world looking for others like themselves to encourage, challenge and support each other.

Are you one of those kind of leaders?

Learning Leader Circles FAQ

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Nothing in my career has accelerated my career trajectory more than the Learning Leader Circle. I cannot recommend it enough for high-performing, growth oriented professionals.

Everything Ryan does, from the podcast to the groups, has a very specific purpose. Every question, every discussion. Nothing is on accident. this carries over into the people he attracts into the groups. These are high-octane individuals with extremely high standards and clear goals, but they have humility and a "learner mindset."

Joshua Ballantine

Enterprise Sales