Episode #352: Patrick Lencioni – The Five Key Actions Of Excellent Leaders

Patrick Lencioni is founder and president of The Table Group, a firm dedicated to helping leaders improve their organizations’ health since 1997. His principles have been embraced by leaders around the world and adopted by organizations of virtually every kind including multinational corporations, [...]

Episode #351: John Maxwell – The Laws Of Leadership (Follow Them & People Will Follow You)

John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author who has sold over 20 million books. Dr. Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company, organizations that have trained more than 5 million leaders worldwide. Every year he speaks to Fortune 500 companies, international government [...]

Episode #349 – An Inside Look At The Book Writing Process With Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo and I open up the hood and look inside the book writing process.  We covered: research, outlining, drafting, editing, publishing (traditional or self?), the benefit of a podcast, superlatives (best story, most useful research, hardest part, easiest part, interactions with our editors), and practical takeaways for your whether you want [...]

Episode #347: Steven Strogatz – How Calculus Reveals The Secrets Of The Universe

Steven Strogatz is a professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University. After graduating summa cum laude in mathematics from Princeton in 1980, Strogatz studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was a Marshall Scholar. He did his doctoral work in applied mathematics at Harvard, followed by a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship [...]

Episode #343: Kelly McGonigal – The Power Of Discipline, Movement, & Stress

Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University who specializes in understanding the mind-body connection. As a pioneer in the field of “science-help,” her mission is to translate insights from psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies that support personal well-being and strengthen communities.  She is the best-selling author of [...]

Episode #342: Shane Snow – The #1 Skill Of An Effective Leader (Intellectual Humility)

Shane Snow is an award-winning journalist, explorer, and entrepreneur, and the author of three books—including the #1 business bestseller Dream Teams. He speaks globally about innovation and teamwork, has performed comedy on Broadway, and been in the running for the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. Snow is also founder and board member [...]

Episode #340: Liz Forkin Bohannon – How To Build Your Life Of Purpose, Passion, & Impact (Beginner’s Pluck)

Liz Forkin Bohannon is the co-founder and co-CEO of Sseko Designs and the author of Beginner’s Pluck: Build your life of purpose, passion and impact now. Liz and the Sseko story has been featured in dozens of publications including: Vogue Magazine, Redbook Magazine, O Magazine, Inc, Fortune and others. Sseko has appeared [...]