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Episode List & Show Notes

All episodes are listed below, newest first. Each episode link has show notes with major topics discussed and links to books & other resources mentioned in the episode.

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Episode #569: Rob Henderson – Luxury Beliefs, Foster Care, Social Class, Self-Discipline, Ivy League Universities, External vs. Internal Achievement, & Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Rob Henderson has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Cambridge, where he studied as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. He obtained a B.S. in psychology from Yale University and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Rob grew up in foster homes in Los Angeles. He joined the United States [...]

Episode #568: Tony Robbins – Learning From Mentors, Building Confidence, Becoming More Valuable, and Coaching The World’s Most Impactful Leaders

For the past 40+ years, Tony Robbins has been known worldwide as one of the most impactful business and life coaches in the world. He’s hosted millions of people at his events, written 6 international best-selling books, he’s involved in more than 100 businesses that have done more than 7 billion dollars [...]

Episode #567: William Ury – Negotiating The World’s Toughest Disputes, Getting To Yes, Hiking Mountains With Jim Collins, And Thriving In An Age of Conflict

William Ury is the co-author of Getting to Yes, the world’s all-time bestselling book on negotiation with more than 15 million copies sold, and co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. Bill has devoted his life to helping people, organizations, and nations transform conflicts around the world, having served as a negotiator in [...]

Episode #566: Jim Dethmer – Conscious Leadership, Radical Responsibility, Energy Audits, Being Fully Present, and Doing What Most Makes You Feel Alive

Jim Dethmer has been devoted to the practice of conscious leadership for 45 years. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people about how to lead and live from consciousness. He has coached Fortune 500 CEOs and their teams supporting them in transforming their lives and their cultures. He has worked [...]

Episode #565: Noah Kagan – The Art of Asking For What You Want, Launching a Business, Handling Rejection, Working For Mark Zuckerberg, and Not Living a ‘What-If’ Life

Noah Kagan is the Chief Sumo at AppSumo.com, an 8-figure company that teaches lessons on how to start a business, grow a business, and improve your marketing. Before AppSumo and Sumo.com, he was the 30th employee at Facebook reporting directly to Mark Zuckerberg where he helped build the Facebook Ads platform. He’s [...]

Episode #564: Ariel Helwani – The Howard Cosell of MMA, Conducting World-Class Interviews, Feuds With Dana White, Leaving ESPN, & Dealing With Social Anxiety

Ariel Helwani is best known for his coverage of mixed martial arts (MMA). He has worked for Fox, ESPN, HBO, Vox, and Spotify. Ariel has won MMA Journalist of the Year at the World MMA Awards every year since 2010. In addition to his work covering mixed martial arts, Ariel has worked [...]

Episode #563: Mike Massimino – A NASA Astronauts Guide To Achieving The Impossible, Building Excellent Teams, Tweeting From Space, and Earning Your Dream Job

Mike Massimino served as a NASA Astronaut from 1996-2014 and flew in space twice: STS-109 on space shuttle Columbia in March 2002 and STS-125 on space shuttle Atlantis in May 2009—the final two Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions. He became the first human to tweet from space, was the last human to [...]

Episode #562: Nikki Glaser – Life as a Comedian, The Creative Process, Learning From Seinfeld, How To Respond When You Bomb on Stage, Roasting Robert DeNiro, & Telling The Truth

Nikki Glaser is one of the funniest voices in comedy today. For nearly two decades at clubs across the country, stand-up comedian, actress, podcaster, and TV host. In July of 2022, she headlined her first HBO comedy special, GOOD CLEAN FILTH, which has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best [...]

Episode #561: Bob Sutton – How Smart Leaders Make The Right Things Easier and The Wrong Things Harder (The Friction Project)

Bob Sutton is an organizational psychologist, Stanford professor, and New York Times bestselling author of multiple books including, Scaling Up Excellence, Good Boss-Bad Boss, and most recently, The Friction Project. WATCH this conversation on YouTube. And SUBSCRIBE! Order our NEW BOOK, The Score That Matters. “People spend far too much time obsessing about [...]

Episode #560: Dr. Barry Posner – Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Encourage Others to Act (The Leadership Challenge)

Dr. Barry Posner is the Chair, of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business where he’s worked for 47 years. He’s the best-selling author of many books, including The Truth about Leadership and The Leadership Challenge. WATCH this conversation on YouTube. And SUBSCRIBE! Read my [...]

Episode #559: Marshall Goldsmith – The Power of Executive Coaching, How To Give & Receive Feedback, & Attributes of The Best Leaders (What Got You Here Won’t Get You There)

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Business Thinkers in the World and the top-rated executive coach at the Thinkers50 ceremony in London since 2011. Published in 2015, his book Triggers is a Wall Street Journal and New York Times #1 Bestseller! He’s also the author of [...]

Episode #558: Introducing Our New Book, “The Score That Matters,” (With Brook Cupps)

Order The Score That Matters NOW. CLICK HERE. In The Score That Matters, Ryan Hawk and Brook Cupps show that the internal score is what matters most—it reveals whether we are living in alignment with our purpose and values. Offering both descriptive and prescriptive advice and anecdotes, The Score That Matters will help you [...]