David Gergen – How Great Leaders Are Made (Hearts Touched With Fire)

David Gergen has served as a White House adviser to four US presidents of both parties: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton. Gergen then served as the editor of US News & World Report. For the past two decades, he has served as a professor of public service and founding director of the Center for [...]

Elliott Bisnow – “Keeping It Real Vs Keeping It Surreal.” Lessons on Thinking Big, Chasing Dreams, and Building Community (Make No Small Plans)

Elliott Bisnow is a co-founder of Summit Group, whose family of organizations includes Powder Mountain, Summit Series, Summit Junto, and Summit Impact. Elliott is a startup investor, having made almost 50 early-stage investments, including Uber, Coinbase, Warby Parker & Allbirds. At 20 years old, Bisnow started Bisnow Media with his dad Mark, out of [...]

Jason Tartick – How To Rewire & Reset Your Career (The Restart Roadmap)

Jason Tartick is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and the host of the Podcast “Trading Secrets.” After 10 years of working in Corporate Banking, he took a detour into reality television to be a contestant on Season 14 of ABC’s, The Bachelorette. Since then he has made several appearances on The ABC Network: Good Morning [...]

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Monty Moran (Former CEO of Chipotle) – LIVE At the NBAA Conference In Fort Worth, Texas

Monty Moran, who worked with Chipotle for a dozen years, was instrumental in creating the Chipotle culture and authored the 2020 book, “Love is Free. Guac is Extra.: How Vulnerability, Empowerment and Curiosity Built an Unstoppable Team.” WATCH this conversation on YouTube. And SUBSCRIBE! Read my new book, The Pursuit Of Excellence — See why Patrick [...]

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Mastermind Dinner Questions

Years ago, I went to a dinner hosted by Jayson Gaignard. Jayson is the author of Mastermind Dinners and the Founder of Mastermind Talks. I've since been to many of Jayson's events. One of the cooler parts of the dinners was the moment between the main course and dessert. At that time, Jayson asked each person [...]

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The Bannister Effect

This is an excerpt from my book, The Pursuit Of Excellence From the beginning of recorded history through May 6, 1954, the fastest any human being had ever run a mile was 4:01.4. When it comes to pursuing excellence: the standard of “good enough” becomes a barrier that resists being broken. To chase excellence [...]