Sam Reese is CEO of Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and midsize businesses. Over his 35-year career as a business leader, Sam has led large and midsize organizations and has advised CEOs and key executives of companies all over the world.

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The Learning Leader Show

  • How to create a learning organization – Set the tone at the top. The senior leader needs to model this behavior. Create peer groups at your place of work. Team learning is important. Give people the responsibility to lead training sessions. Support your teammates. Pay for them to go to conferences, hire coaches, and learn.
  • Commonalities among leaders who sustain excellence: They are curious. They have no confirmation bias. They have high standards. They respect all members of their team. They have a vision and goals and they share them with their team.
  • GPS – Goals, Perspectives, Strategy.
  • Process — Full transparency, one meeting per week. Start with a story about a member at each meeting.
  • “If you know what to do, what would you do?”
  • Help high-integrity leaders make good decisions for their company, family, and community.
  • Hiring “must-haves”
    • They believe in the mission
    • They don’t think they’re better than others
    • They listen
    • They collaborate well
  • Advice:
    • Give back what you can to help others.
    • Be generous.
    • Learn.
    • Get away from bad bosses.
    • Be balanced.
  • The power of being part of a peer accountability group – I’ve learned firsthand the impact this has on leaders through my Learning Leader Circles.
  • The differences between leading, managing, and coaching, and why you must do all three…
    • Leader – Set direction, make sense of the outside world
    • Manager – Know the details
    • Coach – Help you activate what you already know
  • Apply to be in my Learning Leader Circle

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