Ryan Panchadsaram is an engineer and investor focused on solving systemic, societal challenges. At Kleiner Perkins, Ryan serves as technical advisor to John Doerr, where he invests in founders and technologies that aim to change the world. Ryan and John coauthored Speed & Scale and collaborated on the number one bestseller Measure What Matters. Under President Obama, Ryan was Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States, where he championed entrepreneurship, innovation, and open data.

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The Learning Leader Show

  • Must-Have leadership qualities:
    • Grit
    • Patterns that have worked before
    • Great background – track record
  • What makes John Doerr so effective?
    • Be excellent at what you do
    • Always be learning
  • Why Ryan worked at Salesforce and Microsoft:
    • Go big and learn. Then start your own company…
    • Ryan is a curious problem solver
  • Andy Grove first had a technical assistant. It is like a chief of staff role. This is what Ryan is for John Doerr.
    • How did he get chosen when so many applied?
      • Ryan is an engineer, a founder, has government experience, and understands healthcare.
  • The interview process:
    • Being great at what you do are table stakes
    • Must be very curious – Ask great questions
    • You need ideas to help the company before you start working there
  • How to build great relationships:
    • Be present with others
    • Give without expecting anything in return
  • OKR’s – Objectives & Key Results — What are they? And how should a mid-level manager best utilize them?
    • “Lead with OKRs. Manage with KPIs.”
    • Clearly define success: Committed, Aspirational, Learning
    • You are the judge of a great OKR: Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes
    • Match your pace: Trimesters → Quarterly → Monthly
    • Takes a team: CEO & COO
  • SPEED & SCALE presents an unprecedented global plan for cutting carbon emissions and reaching net-zero by 2050.  It relies on Silicon Valley’s most effective tool for achieving ambitious goals: Objectives and Key Results, or OKRs, a system popularized in bestselling book Measure What Matters. From Google to Bono’s ONE foundation to startups across the globe, OKRs have triumphantly scaled ideas into world-changing companies and movements. 
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