Episode #277: Tom Goodwin – Life Advice From The #1 Influencer On LinkedIn

Tom Goodwin is the Head of Innovation for Zenith Media. He speaks around the world at industry events, and he’s a best selling author.  He has also been named the #1 Influencer on LinkedIn.

His role at Zenith, a top 3 global agency investing over $30bn per year on growing their clients’ business, also includes writing, speaking and consulting about the future of advertising, business, media, and digital transformation. He believes that things have never changed so fast before, but will never change so slowly again. He thinks that technology is creating ever more powerful threats to business, but even greater opportunities. He thinks this is the best time to work in business, but we need to embrace change, to look ahead, to leverage imagination, and to unleash the power of the new.

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“We shouldn’t worship busyness.  We should worship output.”

Show Notes:

  • Commonalities of sustaining excellence:
    • Confidence + Conviction
    • Ability to make quick decisions with limited amounts of information
    • Faith in their judgement
  • “There is a feeling in the room when a quality leader walks in. A charisma, an energy, a presence.”
  • How does one develop charisma?
    • “Introversion is more interesting to me.  Great presenters are introverts.  They are empathetic and think of the audience first.”
  • There is “cultural permission” when you’re on stage.  The audience is rooting for you to succeed.  Use that energy and positive vibes
  • The importance of a proper introduction
  • Head of Innovation at Zenith.  What does that entail?  “An observer. Reading a lot.  Gain perspective through a lot of global travel. You learn more from countries outside of the U.S. where we have everything that we could want or need.”
  • How he became the #1 Influencer on LinkedIn?
    • First, look for the differences in commonality vs causation.  There is a difference
    • “I orchestrate a conversation on LinkedIn.  I facilitate it through my articles.  I don’t claim to know everything.”
    • “I got quite irritated.  I got fired at my job for being outspoken.  I started sharing my beliefs and it caught on.”
    • “Because I wasn’t filtered, it hit a nerve with people.  I am not careful with my words.”
  • How to gain support for your passion/side hustle while working at a big company
    • “Encouraging this attracts great candidates and helps retain top talent.”
    • “Senior management needs to support and encourage it.  If they have envy or are insecure, then it won’t work.”
  • “Large companies need to understand why they got big.  Those reasons may not be what gets them to the next level.  We need to rethink rigidity.”
  • “Life is about creating good problems.”
  • “We need to create a culture of progressive criticism.”
    • The Apple commercial: “It took 1,000 No’s to get to a Yes”
  • “We shouldn’t worship busyness.  We should worship output.”
  • The reason for writing Digital Darwinism
  • Life/Career Advice:
    • “Don’t worry.  Too many people spend their youth thinking their career would take a tidy path. It’s not. My career has been quite messy, but it’s worked out fine.  Be humble, thoughtful, and empathetic.”
    • Develop curiosity – “The UK education fuels curiosity, fuels interest.  That doesn’t seem to happen in the States.  We need a breadth of the world. Like James Dyson or Elon Musk.”
    • Build a network – “Job postings. That’s not how the world works and it won’t in the future.  I want sparkly talent that has five other jobs.  Don’t be afraid to nurture multiple talents.”
    • Have a sense of humor.  It helps ease the mood/tension and makes you more enjoyable to be around.
  • Issue: “We’re obsessed with being correct rather than being helpful.  That’s not good.”
  • Why joining The Learning Leader Circle is a good idea
  • Use the “Get To Know You Document

We’re obsessed with being correct rather than being helpful. That’s not good.” 

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