Dr. Randall Stutman is a leadership scientist dedicated to exploring the behaviors and routines of extraordinary leaders. Labeled by Goldman Sachs as the most experienced advisor and executive coach on Wall Street, he has served as a Principal Advisor to more than 2,000 Senior Executives, including 400 CEOs. His work as an advisor and speaker has taken him to the White House, West Point, the Olympics, and the Harvard Business School. Randall is the founder and co-head of the Leadership Practice at CRA. and the Admired Leadership Institute.

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The Learning Leader Show

  • The three types of leaders:
    • Result Leaders: People who achieve the company’s goals
    • Followers Leaders: People who are loved by their subordinates
    • Admired Leaders: People who both achieve results and are loved by subordinates
  • Admired leaders aren’t just admired in the workplace, they’re admired by friends, family, neighbors, and basically everyone they interact with…
  • “It applies to everything. Leadership is leadership and it applies to every aspect of your life.”
  • A great way to spread positively is through thirdparty praise. Say something nice about someone to another person and eventually, the positive comment will make its way to the individual mentioned.
  • Excellence:
    • Optimistic
    • Persistent
    • Focused
    • Sound judgment
    • Objective
    • Learning machines
  • Best coaching relationships: Created peer-like quality… You learn from each other
  • The best leaders? It’s not about them. It’s others focused
    • Leaders put other people up front. They lead from the back.
  • Leadership is making people and solutions better. Anyone can lead anytime they choose.
  • How does a 1:1 Leadership Coaching call go?
    • Catch up personally and professionally
    • Discuss critical episodes in the business
    • Walkthrough situations
    • Set agenda
    • Register – Keep notes, send follow-ups
  • Frequency of conversations with clients:
    • Every three weeks
    • Must be:
      • A sounding board
      • A deep listener
      • Offer feedback
      • Highly prescriptive – Need to make you better
  • Admired leaders are:
    • Someone that produces extraordinary results over time.
    • Followership: People feel differently when engaged with them. They will do anything for them. Admired leaders are rare…
  • Excellence in leadership:
    • Show up in a crisis
    • Admit mistakes
    • Walk the talk
  • Who coaches Randall?
    • Feedback from clients
    • Coaching clinics — Gets together with other coaches
  • 3rd party praise:
    • Don’t be “praise stingy”
    • When you see excellence, tell a third party
      • “There’s no ‘but’ in it.”
  • What’s something Randall has changed his mind about over time?
    • “I initially thought leaders should be objective and fair. Then I studied Admired Leaders. They play favorites based on performance. They reward high performers.:
  • Life/Career advice:
    • Control what you can control
    • Work hard at getting better
    • “The best people bring passion to what they do.”
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