Nat Eliason studied philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University. Since he started publishing his writing in 2013, his work has been read by millions of people and spun out multiple businesses ranging from a marketing agency to a cafe. He’s the author of Crytpo Confidential: Winning and Losing Millions in the New Frontier of Finance.

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The Learning Leader Show

  • How to make our days more memorable?
    • Throw parties with 3-4 different phases.
    • When taking your loved one out on a date, have 3 different parts. Implement homework for life. Write down the stories of each day. This helps you remember them more.
  • Do Hard Things – Our self-image is composed of historical evidence of our abilities. The more hard things you push yourself to do, the more competent you will see yourself to be.
    • “Build up your identity of being a capable person.”
  • “Money corrupts quickly.”
  • It’s never the right time. Any time you catch yourself saying “Oh it’ll be a better time later,” you’re probably just scared. Or unclear on what to do. There is never a right time for the big things in life.
  • Moonwalking with Einstein — Memory competitions.
  • Die with Zero — Create memory dividends (Bill Perkins). Be in the moment.
  • Homework for Life (Matthew Dicks).
  • Nat’s birthday this year was the first time he ever felt sad (on a birthday)… Why? “It feels like it’s going by quicker than it ever has.”
    • Create time with texture? “Mine workers have time with texture. I’m not sure that’s memorable or desirable.”
  • Crypto Confidential is the roller coaster story of getting rich, going broke, scamming, and getting scammed. It’s a narrative of Nat’s personal journey through the world of crypto, but it’s also a revealing look at exactly how the crypto sausage gets made—and how we can all be more educated participants during the next inevitable bull run.
  • Money can buy happiness. So long as you spend it on upgrading and expanding the things that make you happy, instead of using it to play status games or on fleeting experiences.
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