Mark Scharenbroich is an Emmy award winner, best-selling author, and hall of fame keynote speaker. He is known for his authentic delivery, talent for delivering unique stories, and comedic timing. He’s the author of Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on The Road of Life.

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  • Nice Bike. It’s not a technique, it’s a genuine interest in others and the willingness to acknowledge the talents and accomplishments of everyone.
  • The three parts to story-telling: Stories need to be unpredictable, they need to have a hook, and they have to have a cast of characters.
  • While in college at St Cloud State, Mark toured high schools and colleges with a comedy troupe called Mom’s Apple Pie which helped him develop his comedic timing and ability to improv.
  • While on a trip to Washington DC with his dad, Mark witnessed his dad walking up to a couple of Vietnam veterans and saying, “Thank ya fellas. Welcome home.” The moment was unforgettable to Mark as he witnessed what it meant to be grateful for others and to connect with them.
  • Mark’s daughter’s “dark chocolate” gave to a struggling stranger at the airport. “We don’t have to fix all the problems, but acknowledge others, see them, and try to connect with them.”
  • The CEO of Cargill said it’s not a secret what leaders need to do:
    • State where we’re going
    • State how we’re going to get there
    • Show that you have your team’s back
    • Show that you care about your team as people
  • Leaders must always be in the trenches and learning… And work to create memorable experiences for the people they are leading
  • How to give a great toast at a wedding or eulogy at a funeral?
    • Remember it’s not about you, it’s about the bride and groom
    • Be story-driven
    • The power of three – “She’s about faith, family, and friends” and then tell a short story about each of the three
  • What Mark learned from a “meat raffle”
    • You have to buy a ticket for a shot to win
    • You must be present to win
  • The same is true for leadership. You have to be engaged and take the chance to do it. You must be present with your team.
  • Be a “day-maker.” Instead of just being a barber or a stylist, work to make your client’s day by giving them an amazing haircut.
  • BWCA – Leave the area better than you found it… A great rule for life.
  • Core values – “When your core values are clear, decisions are easier.”
  • Comparison – Compare yourself to your previous self. Be grateful for what you have. Someone else will always have more crayons. Focus on your crayons.
  • Advice to those who think they aren’t creative. You are… You have to find the stories. Focus on four columns
    • People you’ve had experiences with
    • Experiences you’ve had
    • Lessons learned
    • Application to the lives of others
  • Roberta Jordan: “It’s more important to be interested than interesting.”
  • Life advice — “Leave a tip for the staff who cleans your hotel room.”
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