Liz Elting, Founder and CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation, is an entrepreneur, business leader, linguaphile, philanthropist, feminist, and mother. After living, studying, and working in five countries across the globe, Liz founded TransPerfect out of an NYU dorm room in 1992 and served as Co-CEO until 2018. TransPerfect is the world’s largest language solutions company, with over $1.1 billion in revenue and offices in more than 100 cities worldwide. Liz received the 2019 Charles Waldo Haskins Award for business and public service from NYU’s Stern School of Business, the American Heart Association’s 2020 Health Equity Leadership Award, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs’ 2021 Vertex Award for changing the face and direction of women’s high-growth entrepreneurship, the American Heart Association’s 2022 Woman Changing the World Award, and Trinity College’s 2022 Kathleen O’Connor Boelhouwer ’85 Alumni Initiative Award. Liz has been recognized as a NOW Woman of Power & Influence, American Express’ and Entrepreneur magazine’s Woman of the Year, and one of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women every year since the list’s inception. Elting is the author of the upcoming book, Dream Big and Win: Translating Passion into Purpose and Creating a Billion-Dollar Business.

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The Learning Leader Show

  • Lived in 5 countries and studied four languages by the age of 25.
  • #39 on Forbes Richest Self-made Women list
  • Personal motto: “Act like a leader, it’s okay to be bossy.” – “Act like you have the job before you have it. A leader needs to take charge and be the boss.”
  • “The ones who are successful are goal-obsessed.”
  • Her dad opened the first Kentucky fried chicken in Portugal… Moved the whole family there when she was a kid.
  • LEADERSHIP (chapter 11) – The 5 Ps of Leadership? 1. Passion 2. Prioritization 3. Pivoting 4. Proactivity 5. People
  • “Don’t confuse being an entrepreneur with being an inventor. You don’t have to invent something entirely new to be wildly successful. Entrepreneurship is about identifying a problem and building a solution.”
  • An entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t just accept things as they are. They look at how they can be better. That’s why everyone can be an entrepreneur.”
  • You can’t succeed without taking risks. If you play it safe, and only do what’s comfortable, you won’t grow and fulfill your potential.”
  • If you want to pursue your passion and accomplish your dreams, get comfortable with failure. Failure is how we learn, grow, and get better. It’s a critical step in every entrepreneur’s journey.”
  • Ownership is a mentality that fosters success at every level—both individually and companywide. It’s critical not only for entrepreneurs and leadership, but for every single person in a company.”
  • Teams in which every member approaches their role feeling empowered and encouraged to treat their company as if they own it, are the most creative and valuable employees.”
  • Your ability to dream will help you find your big idea, and can provide the motivation needed to bring it to fruition. But doing eclipses dreaming. It’s the actions you take every day that transform dreams into reality.”
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Time Stamps

00:34 – Lessons from Dad

06:24 – Questions to Ask for Better Health

13:41 – 3 Tactical Steps to Better Health

22:52 – Ways to Get Back on Track After Taking a Break from Exercise

29:58 – The Goal is Not 100% Success

33:41 – The Mindset to Work With Lebron James & Arnold Schwarzenegger

41:34 – Be Generous With Those You Collaborate With

42:59 – Always Choose Kindness

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