Jason Tartick is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and the host of the Podcast “Trading Secrets.” After 10 years of working in Corporate Banking, he took a detour into reality television to be a contestant on Season 14 of ABC’s, The Bachelorette. Since then he has made several appearances on The ABC Network: Good Morning America, The Bachelor Season 23, Celebrity Family Feud, Listen to Your Heart, Live with Kelly & Ryan, The Bachelorette: Greatest Seasons Ever, Dancing with The Stars, and The Bachelorette Season 17.

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The Learning Leader Show

  • Getting vulnerable and honest with yourself to uncover the crutches you’ve relied on that have hindered embracing your deep truths.
  • Rediscovering your priorities and acting on them, integrating them into your current patterns to create a life you enjoy living every day.
  • Hacking the hiring process to get or create the job you really want.
  • Assessing your career and weighing the possibilities for growth within your company.
  • Leveraging negotiation and networking to elevate up or out of Corporate America.
  • Embracing your differentiating strengths to embody your individuality and demand what you rightfully deserve.
  • Jason shares the mistakes he made when he interviewed to be The Bachelor… Instead of focusing on his love story, he should have focused on what would drive ratings for the show’s producers…
  • Jason shares how to get a 20% raise in six minutes…
  • Learn what others are motivated by and focus on that.
  • In any relationship, focus on creating immense value for the other person.
  • Don’t just show up at your job… Build relationships with key decision-makers, recruiters, and industry leaders.
  • Think differently… What can I do to be different?
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