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Marcus Buckingham is best selling author of 10 books, including his international hit, “First, Break All The Rules,” He’s been the subject of in-depth profiles in The New York Times, The Today Show, and by Oprah. Marcus spent two decades studying excellence at the Gallup Organization and co-creating the StrengthsFinder tool. His latest book is called Love + Work.


  • “When you see someone do something with excellence, there is always love in it– loveless excellence is an oxymoron.”
  • Fear versus Love – “The evolutionary purpose of fear is to narrow your focus to a few clear choices, fight or flight, the point of love is to create in you such feelings of safety and connection that you broaden your outlook and build your strengths.”
    • If you’re feeling fear, there’s something you’re passionate about
  • Excellence =
    • They take their love seriously
      • They are confident that their love is worth paying attention to
      • They are vivid in what they’re drawn to
    • Consistent
    • They value mastery
  • “We aren’t short on time, but on energy.”
  • How Marcus would design a school:
    • Teach self-awareness and self-mastery curriculum
    • Get rid of the SAT, ACT, and GPA
  • Your fullest life is one where your loves and your work flow in an infinite loop. The energy of the one fuels the energy of the other. Thus, the only way you’ll make a lasting contribution in life is to deeply understand what it is that you love.
  • Goals: “Goals are tricky. They are one of the most common characteristics of your working world, and yet they’re also one of the least loving. They don’t have to be loveless.” 
  • The Red Thread questionnaire. It’s full of “When was the last time…” questions: “You lost track of time…” “You surprised yourself by how well you did…” “you found yourself actively looking forward to work…”
  • Never brag – Don’t say, “I’m the best.” Instead say, “I”m at my best when…” And “You can rely on me for…”
  • Marcus shared how he responded to his ex-wife being involved in the college admission scandal where she offered large sums of cash for their kids to get into USC

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