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Episode #396 – Scott Galloway: Professor at NYU Stern, best-selling author, entrepreneur (started 9 firms)


  • Scott and I have the same book agent, Jim Levine. It’s the first person Scott thanks in the Acknowledgement section of his latest book… “Jim is someone I can go to for help with any aspect of life. He’s much more than just a book agent. You need people in your kitchen cabinet that you can go to.”
  • Sharing admiration for others? Why did Scott struggle with this when he was younger?
    • “We should do this. It doesn’t make you less impressive because you shared your admiration for someone else.”
    • “The greatest untapped resource = good intentions, good thoughts. Express them. Verbalize them. Don’t let that resource go to waste.”
  • Leaders should be constantly giving praise to the people on their team. Send the quick email, give the shout out. “People need watering. Give them recognition. Notice others, let them know when they do good work. That’s how you recruit and retain great people. That’s how you build loyalty.”
    • Action step: Call the parents of the young people on your team. Tell them their daughter or son is doing excellent work and are a joy to work with…
  • “Be the man your kids think you are.” It’s motivating to try to live up to those standards. Life is about those moments with your kids.
  • The key to excellence?
    • “Success is not my fault. I grew up as a heterosexual white male, born in 1964. We have this problem of conflating luck with talent.”
  • Commonalities of leaders who sustain excellence?
    • Competence – Must be highly competent in one area. “You must demonstrate excellence. Be outstanding at it.”
    • Grit – “As the leader, I wanted to show my team I was willing to pull all nighters when needed. I would never ask my team to do something I wasn’t willing to do.”
    • Empathy – “You have to want others to win. You have to leverage all your talents to help others be successful. That creates loyalty.”
  • “People’s loyalties are misplaced. Don’t be loyal to companies, be loyal to people.”
  • Why make predictions? “It’s not about being right. It’s about catalyzing a conversation. I want ideas to have sex.”
    • “Plans are useless but planning is invaluable.”
    • “Once a prediction happens, it seems obvious.”
  • When I go to keynote speaking engagements, I’m often asked about Scott Galloway. He’s become the person so many men follow? Why?
    • “Most business news is PG13. I’m the rated R version and I speak my mind. There aren’t enough people doing that.”
    • “Most guys have trouble talking openly about their feelings. We have trouble expressing our emotions. Men want to do it, but don’t. That’s what I do.”
      • “Write as if your kids will read it in 30 years.”
  • In Chinese the word for crisis… the first character means danger, and the second is translated as a critical juncture
  • A Scottish MP George Galloway said “nothing can happen for decades and then decades can happen in weeks”

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