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Episode #389: Ed Latimore

  • The four life lessons:
    • “Never underestimate the power of being likeable and controlling your emotions.”
      • “Nothing is neutral. People are trying to help you or move ahead of you. In basic training, he was a terrible shot. He failed the shooting test three times (which was the limit), and yet got a fourth chance because he was likable. And then passed. “They saw me working hard, so they helped me.”
      • How to be more likable? — “Don’t curry favor. Be you… Have high standards. Treat everyone with respect. Have impeccable manners. Be comfortable with the fact that you’re not for everyone.”
    • “No one cares what happened to you or what you’ve been through. No one is coming to save you.”
      • “Society is not going to take pity on you if your problems create problems for others.” You need to work to through your own issues and ow your actions. Don’t take your trauma out on others.”
      • How has Ed built the perspective to not be a victim? “It’s about delivering value to others. And not subtracting it. That’s destructive. Forgiveness is a powerful idea. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
    • “The most powerful belief you can have is that given enough time, you can learn anything. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Hiroshima was wiped out in seconds.”
      • Keep plotting along… Ed did this as a boxer and math and with every aspect of his life. Keep going. “Fall in love with the process.”
        • “Make a movement with intention and in pursuit.”
    • “A limitation is only as powerful as the energy you give to it. Your dreams also follow this same law.”
      • “You’ll only be as successful as your worst habit.”
      • “You must recognize the problem and/or the limitation.”
  • High achievers tend to be a paradox. They have self-confidence combined with insecurity. It creates a fusion reaction. It drives them to continually prove themselves.
  • How is money made? “Give people something they want.”
  • Ed desires to be the most interesting version of himself
  • Compartmentalization:
    • You can’t approach others with a sense that you’re better than them
    • You must be adaptable to a variety of circumstances
  • Understand the dichotomy of being confident and humble at the same time

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