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The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

#383: Guy Raz – How I Built This

  • Excellence =
    • Ambition
    • Desire to produce for the sake of personal fulfillment — “It’s oxygen”
    • Bill Gates is constantly challenging himself… Having a growth mindset. “To survive means to grow.”
  • How has Guy become one of the greatest interviewers in the world?
    • “I’ve been shooting free throws for 25 years. I’ve gotten a lot of reps.” To be great, you have to be bad at the beginning… And keep going.
  • How to connect with others? “I interpret the non-verbal feedback.”
  • Purposeful Practice:
    • It’s a team effort — “I’ve worked with my team for twenty years. There is a strong bond and connection. They are very honest with their feedback. Constructive criticism is essential. We need outsiders to assess us.”
  • Guy thanks his mom and dad in the acknowledgement section of his book:
    • They came to America in the 1970’s. “Being courageous requires resilience.”
    • Guy has covered four wars, but he still doesn’t feel he’s as courageous as his parents.
    • “Without taking a risk there is no reward.”
    • When Guy is afraid to take a risk, he thinks of his parents.
  • How his fellowship year at Harvard impacted him: They teach through case studies and stories. It helped him understand business and storytelling.
  • Guy is inspired by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey…
  • His ‘Must-Have’ qualities to get hired to work on his team:
    • Kindness – “We filter for kindness”
    • They have to “want to improve”
  • How Guy prepares to interview someone for one of his shows:
    • Contact them well ahead of the interview date
    • Do a deep dive on them and people around them (read, watch videos, listen to podcasts)
    • Do a background check
    • “All of us are imperfect… That’s what make someone relatable. We all have flaws. You need to hear the failures.”
      • “The interviewee must be generous with their emotions.
    • “The idea that I can learn from someone excites me.”
    • “I love transmitting the story.”
  • The idea for How I Built This came to him in 2008 when he took a class at Harvard Business School during a sabbatical year as a Nieman journalism fellow after nearly eight years as a foreign correspondent.
  • Guy demands that those who sit for an interview with him are completely open. “I ask them, ‘Are you willing to come to this interview and surrender?’”
  • Guy stared as an NPR intern and didn’t get the initial jobs he wanted…
  • I asked… “How much of your success can be attributed to luck and how much skill/hard work?”
  • Life advice:
    • Get a job in sales — All jobs have a selling component. Learn this crucial skill.
    • Be methodical about your experiences.
    • Keep your eyes open for problems all around you… Look for problems to solve. All businesses are built on solving a problem.

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