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Episode #355: Ramit Sethi – How To Live A Rich Life


  • Ramit’s book buying rule – If you are even thinking about buying the book, don’t deliberate, just buy it.  You could invest $17 and it could change your life.  Even one idea makes it worth it.
  • Excellence – “Consistently do the work.”
    • Put it on the calendar
    • Seek out people who are successful and then ask them for advice
    • In motion – Refuse to be stuck or paralyzed — Take action
  • “Show me your spending and your calendar and I’ll show you your priorities.”
    • What are the 3-4 most important things in your life? Does your spending and your calendar reflect that?
  • Ramit starting learning how money worked while he was in college at Stanford… “The basic, boring truth. Consistency…”
  • Starting your blog can be your experimental laboratory
  • What is the future of online courses?
  • The trajectory of hiring as you’re growing a business:
    • Part time assistant –> Researcher –> Full time
  • What do you look for when choosing who to add to your team?
    • Excellent at the task of doing the work
    • Curious – They ask great questions
    • Likable – They are someone you want to spend time with
  • Start your business on the side:
    • It’s practical… Going from zero to 1 is very hard: Start this part while you have a job and don’t need the money from your new endeavor
  • The psychology of pricing:  There is a profound difference in customers who get it for free vs. those who pay for it
    • You need to create “skin in the game.”  People value it more if they have a financial stake in it.
    • “In business, you’re not looking for the most people, you’re looking for the right people.”
      • “If you’re a cheapskate, you’ll attract cheapskates.”
  • The power of mentors: They can be massively helpful, but you need to do the work to be a valuable mentee.  Show up to your meetings prepared and with a purpose.  Don’t wander through life.
  • Atul Gawande – A coach in the operating room — EVERYONE needs a coach.
  • Automate your finances – It’s the crown jewel.  Set up your system so you don’t need to think about it after it’s created.
    • Create auto saving behaviors
  • “People are so busy asking $3 questions instead of $30K questions.”
    • “How do I use my money to live a rich life?”
    • “What does rich mean to you?”

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