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Episode #354: WELCOME TO MANAGEMENT Book Launch Party With Doug Meyer

This is the recording from the conversation I had with Co-Founder/President of Brixey & Meyer, Doug Meyer, in front of many of our friends, clients, and colleagues at the Dayton office of Brixey & Meyer.

In WELCOME TO MANAGEMENT, I provide practical, actionable advice to help new managers build and lead committed teams in the face of daunting, unanticipated challenges. He presents a three-part framework outlining best practices distilled from interviews with more than 350 of the most forward-thinking leaders in the world, as well as his own professional experience transitioning from individual producer to new leader.

Through compelling stories and data-backed case studies, the book helps high performers make the leap from individual contributor to manager with greater ease, grace, courage, and effectiveness.


  • The book writing process: How long did it take to write? What was the proposal writing process like? What led you to sell the book rights to McGraw-Hill?
  • Curiosity? Always natural or a learned skill? — For me, this was something I learned to do… As I learned more, I realized there was so much more to learn.
  • The Cycle of Learning — Operating Framework
    • Consume/Learn – The intake engine (read, listen to podcasts, speak with mentors)
    • Test – Experiment with what’s been learned (You can’t just be a learner, you have to be a doer) – “We learn who we are in practice, not in theory.”
    • Reflect – Analyze results, make adjustments
    • Teach – Reinforce learning through sharing with others
  • Mentors vs. coaches. Interesting comparison and need throughout life. We discussed the difference and importance of each…
  • “Build the skills to do the job, not to get the job.” — The act of putting your high potential employees in position to actually do the job, not just prepare for an interview.
  • Developing self-awareness — It’s important to regularly hold a mirror up to ourselves and surround self with people who will be brutally honest and caring of you and your development.
  • WELCOME TO MANAGEMENT  will teach you
    • Where the real work of leadership begins
    • The greatest medicine for fear and how to put it into practice
    • Why you need an “Operating Framework” and how to create one
    • The 3 key elements to creating a performance culture
    • The opportunity that many managers miss after they achieve success
    • The seven keys to earning respect
  • The quickest way to build trust is through vulnerability
  • Managing a team you inherit — The instant you sign for the job, those are YOUR players.  Don’t use terms like ‘they’ or ‘them.’  It is US and WE.
  • The difference between leadership, management, coaching
    • Leadership:
      • The act of leading is about providing purpose, direction, aligning expectations, and inspiring the team.
    • Management:
      • Figuring out how to work within the current constraints of the system you are in… It is the administration and stewardship of resources.
    • Coaching:
      • The two types of coaching:
        • Coaching for performance – The ‘right now’ actions… Behaviors.
        • Coaching for development – Longer term
  • Dustyn Kim is a fantastic model for humility, vulnerability, and intelligence — That’s what she’s the type of leader that I committed to doing everything I could to help her be successful.
  • Nobody is ‘self-made.’  We are are built from communities of people who care about us, help us, and show love and support.

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