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#345: Kamal Ravikant – Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It


  • Commonalities of leaders who have sustained excellence:
    • A belief in the power of commitment to self:
      • WHO am I going to be that day?
      • Don’t just float through life
      • “Excellence means continuing through imperfect days.” –> Moving forward: It’s a mindset
  • How to learn how to keep pushing forward?
    • “Don’t wait until you’re qualified to do it.  Jump in, learn to swim.”
  • Kamal’s process for selling: “You have to believe it.”
  • Writing process — Forced Kamal to deal with rejection… It was part of the process to get better.
    • Studied the greats: Hemingway – Clear, simple, prose.
    • “Writing is more rewarding than anything.  It’s just you and the blank page.”
  • “Love yourself like your life depends on it.”  It’s story about responding to failure.
  • How does this work with someone who already feels great about themselves?
    • “Fundamentally, this is about how to be better.  Learn from the maps of humanity.”  It’s all about what’s intside.
      • “The internal impacts the external.”
  • Kamal had to come to terms with his tough childhood.  He appreciates the strength developed from sleeping in a car (temporarily homeless)
  • What was learned from boot camp (in the Army)?
    • “I can handle anything thrown at me.”  It teaches the value of mission and responsibility.
  • Leading a team in business:
    • “Hire people for what they’re best at.”  And then support them to do that work.
    • “The best leaders are those that have actually done stuff.”  They understand the nuance of the industry and the work.
    • Must be hungry.
  • Why walk across Spain?
    • Having the mentality of, “No matter what, I’ll figure it out… Take chances in life.  Go beyond comfort zones.”
  • How has a life altering event (a surgery that went bad) impacted perspective on life?
    • “I feel blessed and lucky.”
    • “You can become a mess or become awesome.”
  • What Kamal learned from spending time with monks?
    • “The construct of self disappears.”
    • “Love and compassion.”
  • Advice: “Excellence requires persistence.”

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