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Episode #296: Emily Fletcher – The Secret Superpower Of Top Performers (Meditation)

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  • Commonalities of sustaining excellence:
    • They have a magnetic quality.  Others are drawn to them.  People look to them.
    • They have the ability to shift their state of being.  Not just being calm.  They are able to be variable and can adapt to situations
  • Meditation increases adaptability
    • Meditation helps you take care of yourself
    • Rest, nurture your brain and body
  • The failure of most when they attempt to meditate:
    • Emily is on a mission to rid the world of “ex-meditators” — people who have tried and failed and given up on it
    • There have been 58 million downloads of meditation apps
      • Free apps are gentle by design and not as useful
  • Advice — There is a difference between mindfulness and meditation.
    • “Meditation is a tool that helps you get rid of stress from your past.”
    • Mindfulness is “the art of bringing your awareness into the present moment”
  • Meditation gives your brain and body tools.
    • “Kind of a nap sitting up. Mind alert, body getting rest.” — Relieve stress from now and past
    • It is not a toy.  It’s a very powerful tool.  You need proper training
    • It’s ridiculously simple, yet powerful
  • Biggest misconception  — “People think they have to clear their head.  They think thoughts are the enemy.  That’s not true.”
    • “People think they are too busy to meditate… You know we’re talking about your brain right?”
  • Emily was on Broadway for 10 years… Living in constant state of anxiety… Sick, insomnia, was miserable.
    • She noticed another performer had none of those issues.  She asked what she did and found out meditation was the key…
      • Emily took a class, and liked it so much she went to India to be trained professionally.
  • She created Ziva… An online meditation tool.
  • It’s about manifesting “consciously creating the life you love”
  • “Don’t water the weeds” — Don’t focus on the wrong things

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