The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

#295: Todd Herman – Using Alter Egos To Transform Your Life

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  • Commonalities of sustaining excellence:
    • “Negative capability” (John Keats term)
      • The ability to pursue your dream despite the fact that circumstance tells you it won’t happen.
      • Not losing faith despite the long odds
      • Mental toughness – “The ability to be flexible & adaptable despite what the world is throwing at you.”
  • The OPP framework for goal setting:
    • Outcome
    • Performance – Resources
    • Process – Who, what, when, where
  • What Todd does?
    • He’s on a mission to give people smart thinking models.  He helps ambitious people.
    • Revenue generation: He’s built programs and systems and licensed it to sports teams
    • He does sport science and peak performance coaching
    • Grew up doing speaking competitions.
      • Did 68 speeches in 90 days.  All for free.  Have to “get the reps”
  • “This is how I know I’ve made it… I loved doing a free speech for four people.  I loved it!”
  • “You must show up.  Continue to show up no matter what.  Even if nobody is there, show up anyway.”
  • “The answers are never waiting for you to sit still. The answers are out there doing it.  It’s action that matters.”
  • How Todd developed strong mental toughness?
    • Rough upbringing — He was sexually abused at a church camp when he was 12
    • He retreated and developed mental toughness to deal with it
  • Skills developed as an athlete that translated to life outside of sports:
    • Preparation
    • Routines
    • Visualization/Imagery
  • Why are alter-egos so powerful?
    • They help you get into flow state and not get out of your head
  • The Bo Jackson story — “Bo Jackson never played a down of football.  It was Jason from Friday The 13th.  I was crazy out there.”

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