The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

Episode #291: Andy Rachleff (CEO Wealthfront) – What Do You Uniquely Offer That People Desperately Want?

Andy Rachleff is a co-founder and Executive Chairman of Wealthfront. Rachleff co-founded Benchmark Capital in 1995 and was a general partner until 2004. 

Some notes… (More found on

  • Commonalities of sustaining excellence:
    • Intellectual curiosity — Pass this along to kids at the dinner table
    • Ask questions
    • “Bright people think other smart people ask questions.”
  • The leader creates the culture
  • “People model the behavior of the leader.”
  • “To be a great teacher, you have to synthesize something into small statements.  This helps you be a better leader.”
  • Magic 8 Ball statements
    • “A’s hire A’s. B’s hire C’s.”

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