The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

Episode #285: Scott Gerber – Stop Networking And Start Building Relationships That Matter

Show Notes:

  • Commonalities of sustaining excellence:
    • Those who surround themselves with people smarter than them
    • Empathetic
    • Self-aware — And an ability to understand others
    • “We are losing connection for connectivity.”
  • How to become a super-connector?
    • “Curiosity leads to everything.” — Always be questioning…
    • “Learning is the defining quality of all of it.”
  • How to get to the core of person to better understand where they come from and their motivations…
  • “The Road Less Traveled” — Constantly revise our maps of reality
  • “The Big Short” – “It’s what you think you know that’s not true that gets you in trouble.”
  • How to answer the “What do you do?” question —
    • Scott – “Try to live life purposefully”
    • His nickname — “The Pandora of Gen-Y networking”
  • “Social Capital is the most important currency that we have. I’m a curator of people.”
    • “There is so much power to bringing amazing people together.”
  • Why it’s bad to ask, “How can I help you?”
    • “Marketers fundamentally f’d up this conversation.” — “It’s become too formulaic as the next step.  Instead, you should know how you can help and help.  It’s a bad question because it shows your thoughtless and it’s part of a script. Don’t do that.”
  • Be exceptional at making introductions — Does it provide mutual value?
    • When you become proficient at it, take it a step further… Film a short video to make the intro. Get creative.
  • The gray zones — Always ask “why?”
  • “Real relationships take real time”
  • How to create remarkable experiences:
    • Get great people in the room — carefully curate the guest list
    • Build trust
    • Exceptional atmosphere/environment
    • Be very thoughtful about every tiny detail
  • The YEC summit in Eden, Utah
    • Create something remarkable to ensure people and things you bring together click.
    • Humanize people that run the community — Ex: The execs serve dinner to the guests, find common touch points
    • “Get the intros right! Lift your guests up, brag about them in front of their peers.”
  • Being a connector vs being connected — The tools
  • How to build consistent referrals?
    • Create events where people want to bring a guest who is not a current client but could be.  The event must be exceptional.  Invest heavily in this.
  • Why joining The Learning Leader Circle is a good idea
  • Use the “Get To Know You Document

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