The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk. Episode #279: James Clear – How Tiny Changes Can Changes Can Equal Remarkable Results (Atomic Habits)

Show Notes:

  • “It’s important to know how everything works together.”
    • Ojai, CA – Circle talking about book writing
  • Atomic = Atom, small, tiny.  Habits should be small
  • “Habits are the atoms of our lives”
  • “It’s about the collection of habits”
  • “They are small… but put them together… they compound and are powerful.”
  • The system is in four stages.  They stages are:
    • The cue – gets attention
    • The craving – in the brain
    • The response – the habit, behavior
    • The result – what happens
  • Feedback loops – The cookie example
  • “My readers and I are peers.  An essential part of the process is to write about it. Try things out.  Everything I’ve published has been revised many times.”
  • The four laws:
    • Make it obvious
    • Make it attractive
    • Make it easy
    • Make it satisfying
  • The Goldilocks rule – Steve Martin
    • People burn out or get bored.  How to stay motivated…
    • Be stretched just beyond your capacity but not too far. “Always stay just on the edge…”  Steve Martin kept expanding his sets by just a few minutes each time until he had a 60 minute set.  He started small with just a few minutes of material.
    • Make sure you “stretch yourself… just a bit… everyday.”
    • Be the person who gets the additional task done
  • How to do this all as a parent? — “Life is in seasons…”
    • “If you want to double your productivity, get 8 hours of sleep.”
  • The plateau of latent potential — A melting ice cube.  A 1 degree change
  • “Habits don’t add up, they compound.  It looks like a hockey stick.”
  • “Outcome based habits vs identity based habits.”
    • Focus on identity based habits.  Be the type of person who wakes up early and works out.
  • The importance of being able to delay gratification
  • Weightlifting – Reinterpret signals.  “Being sore feels good.”  Re frame how you think about something like soreness
  • “Happiness is simply the absence of desire.”
    • When you observe a cue, but do not desire to change your state, you are content with the current situation
  • “Being curious is better than being smart.”
    • Need to be eager to learn and accomplish things
    • “Your actions reveal how badly you want something”
  • “We can only be rational and logical after we have been emotional.”
  • System 1 = feelings
  • System 2 = Rational, math problem
    • System 1 always leads the way

“Being curious is better than being smart”

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