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Episode #277: Tom Goodwin – Life Advice From The #1 Influencer On LinkedIn

Show Notes:

  • Commonalities of sustaining excellence:
    • Confidence + Conviction
    • Ability to make quick decisions with limited amounts of information
    • Faith in their judgement
  • “There is a feeling in the room when a quality leader walks in. A charisma, an energy, a presence.”
  • How does one develop charisma?
    • “Introversion is more interesting to me.  Great presenters are introverts.  They are empathetic and think of the audience first.”
  • There is “cultural permission” when you’re on stage.  The audience is rooting for you to succeed.  Use that energy and positive vibes
  • The importance of a proper introduction
  • Head of Innovation at Zenith.  What does that entail?  “An observer. Reading a lot.  Gain perspective through a lot of global travel. You learn more from countries outside of the U.S. where we have everything that we could want or need.”
  • How he became the #1 Influencer on LinkedIn?
    • First, look for the differences in commonality vs causation.  There is a difference
    • “I orchestrate a conversation on LinkedIn.  I facilitate it through my articles.  I don’t claim to know everything.”
    • “I got quite irritated.  I got fired at my job for being outspoken.  I started sharing my beliefs and it caught on.”
    • “Because I wasn’t filtered, it hit a nerve with people.  I am not careful with my words.”
  • How to gain support for your passion/side hustle while working at a big company
    • “Encouraging this attracts great candidates and helps retain top talent.”
    • “Senior management needs to support and encourage it.  If they have envy or are insecure, then it won’t work.”
  • “Large companies need to understand why they got big.  Those reasons may not be what gets them to the next level.  We need to rethink rigidity.”
  • “Life is about creating good problems.”
  • “We need to create a culture of progressive criticism.”
    • The Apple commercial: “It took 1,000 No’s to get to a Yes”
  • “We shouldn’t worship busyness.  We should worship output.”
  • The reason for writing Digital Darwinism
  • Life/Career Advice:
    • “Don’t worry.  Too many people spend their youth thinking their career would take a tidy path. It’s not. My career has been quite messy, but it’s worked out fine.  Be humble, thoughtful, and empathetic.”
    • Develop curiosity – “The UK education fuels curiosity, fuels interest.  That doesn’t seem to happen in the States.  We need a breadth of the world. Like James Dyson or Elon Musk.”
    • Build a network – “Job postings. That’s not how the world works and it won’t in the future.  I want sparkly talent that has five other jobs.  Don’t be afraid to nurture multiple talents.”
    • Have a sense of humor.  It helps ease the mood/tension and makes you more enjoyable to be around.
  • Issue: “We’re obsessed with being correct rather than being helpful.  That’s not good.”
  • Why joining The Learning Leader Circle is a good idea
  • Use the “Get To Know You Document

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