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#267: Louie Anderson – How To Crush It on Stage From One Of The Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time

Show Notes:

  • Louie’s approach to stand up comedy — It appears as if he is just “riffing off the cuff,” however it is highly structured and prepared
  • The pain of growing up with an alcoholic dad and how that fueled him as a professional
    • This helps him pull from any of it at anytimeCreating a catalog of material
    • It takes years to develop
    • “I’m in complete control.”  That gives Louie the ability to handle a heckler in the crowd or go with a comment and tell an additional joke
  • Going on Johnny Carson or Conan
    • “They don’t step on your lines, but they are prepared for where the conversation is going to go.”
  • “Just like you, I’ve worked hard to create freedom with my work.”
  •  Sustaining excellence:
    • “Be who you are”
    • Ask yourself, “Does this mean something to you?  If it doesn’t mean something to you, why would it mean anything to someone else?”
    • Confidence
  • Nervous before a performance?
    • “It depends on the event and how much importance I put on it.” — Saturday Night Live was a nerve racking experience
  • Advice to keynote speakers?
    • Be prepared
    • Know your message
    • Surprise the audience
    • Piggy back on a great introduction — Listen to the room prior to your time on stage
  • “I’m always tilling the ground for comedy bits.”
  • Storytelling:
    • “Tell them something they don’t know.  Humanize the story.  Give a piece of yourself.  Don’t lecture.”
  • How did he get his start as a comedian?
    • “A dare.  I was a social worker and went up on stage for an open mic night and it went great.”
  • “I volunteered to be the emcee for experience.”
    • “Don’t be afraid of trying new things”
    • The importance of “getting the reps:” “I did seven nights a week, four shows per night.  I was creating who I was.”
  • “We don’t see all the work that goes into being great on stage.  It takes years and years of work.”
    • “You need good friends who will tell you the truth.”
  • His mom’s best advice: “Be nice to people.  You never know what they’re going through.”
  • Why joining The Learning Leader Circle is a good idea
  • Use the “Get To Know You Document

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