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Episode #266: Ryan Caldbeck – CircleUp CEO: How To Build The Frameworks Of Your Life & Career

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The Learning Leader Show

“What we look for in a person: Horsepower, Integrity, Work Ethic, Teamwork, Pride.”

Show Notes:

  • Sustaining excellence:
    • Persistence – regardless of skill, willing to run through unlimited doors with no light at the end of the tunnel. It can be soul crushing
    • Identified focus passion – an understanding of the passion that is identifiable.
    • Drive – A motor. Really good at email and/or communication. Can’t take too long. “Have a motor.” Always moving
    • Values – “I don’t say that lightly.” You can’t sustain excellence without values. “A framework to understand you.”
  • Isn’t it hard to know what your passion is? “Yes. I got scared about the treadmill that I saw others get on.”  However, people don’t think they can leave the corporate job that pays well.  But you can.  Begin by thinking about the framework to make it happen.
  • “Silicon Valley is a hard town to talk about challenges.”
  • What it’s like to lead 60 employees
  • What mistakes were made in the hiring process?
    • “We took too long to make frameworks.”
    • “Frameworks show others what to do.”
  • What traits/values do you look for in hiring?
    • “The airport test doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t have to want to spend a day around them in the airport.”
    • “We have crystallized what we look for in a person.”
      • Horsepower – intelligence over experience
      • Integrity – don’t talk negatively about others
      • Work ethic – must be willing to work hard
      • Teamwork – need to work well with others
      • Pride – Care
  • How to gauge work ethic in a job interview?
    • “It starts with everyone knowing we are looking for that.”
  • Advice for the individual contributor making the leap to manager…
    • “Figure out framework for your specific role. Get clarity on what each person’s role is.”
    • “Learn how to develop empathy for what your team goes through. Sit with them without micromanaging them.”
    • “Make sure you have a resource (person) to talk to about being a manager. Hire a coach. Get a peer group outside of your company.”
  • Why joining The Learning Leader Circle is a good idea
  • Ryan has a coach and a group of 12 CEO’s that he meets with regularly
  • Building culture:
    • Focus on your mission
      • “To help entrepreneurs thrive by giving them the capital and resources they need.”
  • Their Values:
    • Do it right
    • Be brave
    • Be a solution
  • Constantly reinforce the vision
  • Most useful advice:
    • Winston Churchill – “Never give up.”
    • “Do what you’re passionate about”
  • How to have balance at home?
    • Two kids and his wife is a senior leader at her company
    • Mediation after the kids go to bed
    • Online working from 8:30-10:00
    • Spend time with spouse only
  • Use the “Get To Know You Document

“If you don’t keep growing, you will become irrelevant.”

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