Episode 227: Jeff Goins – How To Be A Thriving Artist (Real Artists Don’t Starve)

Jeff Goins is a writer, keynote speaker, and award-winning blogger with a reputation for challenging the status quo. He is the best-selling author of five books, including Real Artists Don’t Starve, and The Art of Work, which landed on the best­ seller lists of USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and the Washington Post. His website Goinswriter.com is visited by millions of people every year. Jeff was previously on The Learning Leader Show Episode #028

The Learning Leader Show

What does it take to stand out? “Show UP, Do the Work, and most importantly: FOLLOW UP. Nobody does this.”

Show Notes:

  • Sustained Excellence. Common Themes of Leaders who Sustain Excellence:
    • Passion – A fire to pursue their “why”
    • Discipline – Daily habits, routines, rituals to be best every day
      • Coach K — Sit down and analyze after every single game to improve
    • Great Learners – Hungry learner. How to do it better?
  • Real Artists don’t starve
  • Starving artist vs. Thriving artist
  • The myth of the starving artist
  • Why Michelangelo was a thriving (rich) artist
  • “Do you really have to starve to be an artist?” — No
  • You aren’t born an artist (or a Leader) — It’s a result of the choices you make. The human brain is malleable. A person can learn and master a craft.
  • “Leaders are made. Artists are made.”
  • The story of John Grisham — A lawyer who wrote novels on the side.
    • He wrote one page a day for years… And then he had a novel
  • You can gradually re-create yourself
  • Wake up a little earlier every day and do the work. Make it a habit
    • Change happens slowly
  • The way we talk about it is not actually the way we do it.
  • We do not need to take a giant risk. When we look at the facts, we can take measured risks
  • 2 Resources at The University of Wisconsin — A study of 5,000 entrepreneurs
    • The Two Types
      • Burn The Boats — 33% more likely to fail
      • Side Hustlers — People who didn’t initially go “All In” statistically were more likely to succeed
      • It took Jeff two years to quit his job. He built one year of runway
  • The rule of apprenticeship — Ryan Holiday – Be an Anteambulo. Clear the path for others
  • A “master piece” came from the time of Michaelangelo
  • What it takes to stand out — Show up, do the work, FOLLOW UP (nobody does this), show what you’ve learned, help others
  • Jeff has lunch every Wednesday with a mentee — Rarely do they follow up. Do this.
    • “The best thing you can do is take notes, and follow up. Put it into action.”
  • Jeff was/is mentored by Michael Hyatt — He followed up constantly
  • How do you do X? “It’s easy to talk about stuff, it’s hard to do it.”
  • “If you’re teachable, it puts you in a class of people that sits apart.”
  • Do not work for free — The rule of value
    • Charging brings dignity to the work
    • “Working for free is often not the opportunity we think it is”

“Leaders are made. Artists are made.” — “You aren’t born an artists.”

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