Jon Acuff is back for a second time on The Learning Leader Show!

JON ACUFF is the author of five books, including the New York Times Bestseller Do Over. For nineteen years he’s helped companies like the Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and tell their stories. He’s a well-known public speaker, and his blogs have been read by millions of fans. His most recent book is: Finish – Give Yourself The Gift of Done.

If you’d like to listen to the first conversation Jon and I had on January 27, 2016, CLICK HERE.

Episode 222: Jon Acuff

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Want to write a book? “What question are you willing to spend two years answering?”

Show Notes:

  • Why Jon dedicated this new book to his parents and their belief in him as a writer
    • His Dad was a pastor, a communicator. Have to learn how to shape ideas and be a speaker
  • What took so long for Jon to believe he was a writer?
    • “I’m a writer. When you do it enough, it becomes possible. I’ve written six books.”
  • Why this book?
    • “People say, I like your book Start, but I never finish, how do I finish?”
  • Like Jim Collins, Jon says, “What is a question I’m willing to spend two years answering?”
  • 91% of Americans want to write a book and less than 1% of them do it
  • “I want this thing to be part of my life… This has multiple applications.”
  • James Clear says it’s the friction at the start… Lacing up the shoes and beginning the run.
    • Jon reply “Is it harder to buy a treadmill or use the treadmill?”
  • This is built on research. 900 participants. It is a data driven book
  • How to mix in humor… Why to study stand up comedians?
    • “I’ve watched 100 stand up comedians for every 1 business leader”
  • “If you want to enjoy the internet more, you must know it’s not about you. It never is.” — People are thinking about themselves (Tracy McGrady & JR Smith)
  • Goal Setting:
    • Cut them in half, make the goals smaller
    • Test principles — Look to be 5%-10% better
    • “Before I set a goal, I make sure it is the right size”
    • How this relates to setting sales goals/quotas in a big company
      • Need a culture of honesty and realistic goals in order to thrive, grow, and survive
    • “A goal is a promise to yourself”
  • “Make it fun if you want it done”
    • Satisfaction goes up
    • Performance goes up
  • How to get something done?
    • Reward
    • Fear
    • Which one do you better respond to? You need to know. How about the people that work for you? You need to know
  • How Jon will read 156 books this year
  • What is the story you want to tell your kids? 
  • Are you proud of what you do everyday?
  • “The old rules don’t apply anymore… The faucet of freelance money can turn on.”
  • Why do some have “the fear of success?”
    • Fear of money
    • Fear of high expectations
    • Self sabotage
    • Fear of “what’s next?”


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