Episode 221: Phil Jones – What To Say To Influence And Impact Others (Magic Words)

Phil’s passion to “Teach The World To Sell”, now sees him traveling the globe speaking to a breadth of audiences, from small business owners to workforces and mass organizations, spreading his message and sharing his highly credited teachings. To date he’s spoken in 56 different countries across five continents and with his growing popularity, he’s expected to add many more to his roster.

Episode 221: Phil Jones – What To Say To Influence And Impact Others (Magic Words)

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The Learning Leader Show

“I Learned That Success Leaves Clues.”

Show Notes:

  • Sustained Excellence:
    • Dogged determination
    • Curiosity – Continue to demand improvement from self
    • Detach self of the outcome – be of service to your customer. Celebrate quietly in the background when the client wins
  • How he learned to hustle:
    • Came from a home without much money… Learned to sell his mom’s sandwiches at lunch. Then started a business going door to door offering to wash cars for money
    • He grew to make more money than his teachers when he was 15
      • “How much money are you making sire?” — Phil would say to teachers when they criticized him for missing class
    • By 18, he was named the youngest sales manager in fashion retailer Debenhams, history
  • Day to Day
    • Phil delivers 100 keynote presentations a year
    • “Respect is something that is to be earned”
  • Ridiculous goal — “Get my book in front of one million people”
  • Using Magic words
    • “I’m not sure if it’s for you, but…”
  • “Magic words are words that speak right to the subconscious of our brain”
  • If you change 1 or 2 words, it can change everything. You must learn, train, and prepare… Write a script
    • “You still cry at movies… But the actor is reading a script. It’s not real. You need to learn to read scripts.”
  • Magic Word/Phrase
    • “You wouldn’t happen to know…” — Create a path of least resistance for a referral
  • How has Phil learned what he teaches?
    • “120,000 negotiations. Messing up. Being brave enough to say what works and what doesn’t.”
  • Magic Word/Phrase
    • “How open minded are you?” — When you’re trying to internally sell a new idea, this works. Everyone wants to see themselves as open minded. This phrase primes the brain to be more open minded to a new idea. It helps people opt in to your idea.
  • How to open a keynote speech?
    • Ask questions of the audience…
      • “Change one word to change everything” (Listen for more in depth story. This was a really good part. Around the 26:30 mark)
  • “Questions start conversations, conversations lead to relationships, relationships lead to opportunities.”
  • Methods for prospecting:
    • You don’t need to knock on every door
    • A great story on what you would do if you lost a child at a department store (again… must listen)
    • “Go look for who you really want.” You must identify those people
    • Define who they are…
    • “You wouldn’t happen to know?”
  • How he runs/manages his business and prospects
    • Franchises, MLMs, Healthcare space
    • Referrals, gifts, emails, calls
    • Utilizing Robert Cialdini’s method for reciprocity… “They end up thanking ME!”
    • 3rd party credibility and permission
  • Magic Word/Phrase:
    • “Just one more thing…” — TV detectives in the 80’s and 90’s
    • This helps both upsells AND downsells (sometimes you won’t get the huge deal initially… Must work your way in to build the relationship starting small)
  • Magic Word/Phrase:
    • “Most People…” — “This helps you tell people what to do without telling them what to do.”
    • People love to be led. Example: Yelp reviews
    • When people are stuck being indecisive… “Look, what most people do…”
  • Learning Leader = Leaders are always learning. “You’ve never arrived. You’re always becoming.”
    • Good, Better, or Best: What do you want?
      • You want to be better… Always striving to improve

“Questions start conversations. Conversations lead to relationships. Relationships lead to opportunities.”

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

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