Episode 213: Ryan Holiday – How To Make Work That Lasts (Perennial Seller)

This is Round 3 with best-selling author, entrepreneur, and renowned marketing strategist, Ryan Holiday. If you’d like to listen to our first conversation, go HERE.  If you’d like to check out the second one, go HERE. Brian Koppelman (screenwriter & director: Rounders, Ocean’s Thirteen and Billions) once said, “I don’t have many rules in life, but one I never break is: If Ryan Holiday writes a book, I read it as soon as I can get my hands on it.” I agree.  And I love every opportunity I have to speak with and learn from Ryan Holiday. I’m thankful that he sent me an advanced copy of his newest book, Perennial Seller. And if you care about making work that lasts, I urge you to read it.

Episode 213: Ryan Holiday – How To Make Work That Lasts (Perennial Seller)

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“Give, Give, Give, Give… Build Karmic Debt.”

Show Notes:

  • Sustained Excellence = Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick embracing Obstacle Is The Way and Ego Is The Enemy
  • How to build something that is “timeless”
    • When you build your home, are you thinking about how it will look in 10 years
    • When you cut your hair or wear an outfit, do you think about how it will look years later in pictures?
  • Why write Perennial Seller?
    • It’s important not to dive in until you have a path
    • Always think, “How do I make this last?”
    • “Literary greatness is 10 years or more”
    • “I have to follow my own advice”
  • Platform
    • How Kevin Hart built his platform (and email list) every night while on stage
    • People need to think about how they are building their platform long before they launch
    • Kevin Kelly — 1,000 true fans
    • Who are you launching to?
    • “Kevin Hart was knocked on his ass. He would go to cities where he didn’t have fans to build up his platform and email list. This was before he was famous.”
    • “People want to have a platform, but they don’t want to build a platform.”
      • You must build it through giving
      • Ryan Holiday built his email list to 81,000 by recommending books.  He recommended 1,000 books before he asked anyone to buy one of his.
  • “Give, Give, Give, Give… Build Karmic Debt.” — The world is not zero sum
  • The success of Eric Barker and his book Barking Up The Wrong Tree. He built his email list up to 300,000 people by blogging/writing regularly for years. He gave for free, provided value. His book sold many and became a best seller because he built his platform.
  • Jeff Bezos — “Focus on the things that do not change.” – Zoom in on something timeless.
  • “It starts by wanting to create a classic.” — Robert Greene
  • How do we avoid falling for the seduction of short term notability to focus on long term success?
    • The “Lindy Effect” — Nasim Taleb
  • The Obstacle Is The Way sold 3,000 books the first week, then steadily sold more. Now it sells about 1,000 a week.
  • “What are you making and who are you making it for?”
  • “Marketing is not separate, it’s part of the puzzle.”
  • Ryan discusses still receiving “hate” for Trust Me I’m Lying
  • Idea –> Execution. Casey Neistat “I don’t want to hear about your best idea. The idea is the easy part.”
  • Writing Routines — Why Ryan started studying the routines of other great writers
    • “You have to have a routine. You must treat this creative profession like a profession”
    • Being very descriptive with the work
  • Why being in great physical shape is “part of the job”
    • You should do some form of strenuous exercise every single day
    • Seinfeld — Chain method. Put an X on the calendar every day for exercise
    • Discipline: Doing it even when you don’t feel good. You have to get up and do it

“People want to have a platform, but they don’t want to build it.”

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