Episode 197: Linda Rottenberg – Why Crazy Is A Compliment

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“The Greatest Risk Today Is Not Taking A Risk At All.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Common themes of leaders who sustain excellence:
    • Cannot rely too much on assumptions/success of the past
    • Can’t stop taking risks
    • Must continually challenge yourself
  • Start “Stealth”
    • Women at Cholorox started testing on the playground.  After proving it worked, they went to their bosses to implement
  • “It’s the best time ever to test ideas.”
  • Why Linda was called the “Chica Loca” — “The Crazy Girl”
  • “If you’re not called crazy at the beginning of something, you’re not thinking big enough”
  • “The greatest risk today is not taking a risk at all”
  • “People have to give themselves permission”
  • “One of the most famous spin offs was Amazon Cloud Services”
  • “The hardest person to convince to do something new is yourself”
  • Lin Manuel Miranda – Hamilton.
  • Think… “Can I afford to not do my idea?”
  • “Don’t burn the boats, but you do need to close some doors.” The Paradox of Choice
  • The problem with hollow mission statements — Uber
  • Culture can shift based on the leaders — Satya Nadella leading Microsoft
    • GE – Beth Comstock
  • MTV – How they found the best secrets through breaking corporate molds
  • “Stop focusing on your PowerPoint… Test, figure it out, then share.”
  • Jeff Bezos – 2 Pizza Rule
  • Zig when everyone else zags.  Learn to see the world differently
  • The power of being vulnerability to build trust
    • “We’ll follow you anywhere Linda”

“If You’re Not Called Crazy At The Beginning Of Something, You’re Not Thinking Big Enough”

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

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