Episode 189: Jennifer Mueller – Why Leaders Should Embrace Creative Change

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“If you’re calculating risk, then it’s not creative.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Common themes of leaders who sustain excellence:
    • Mindset to learn
    • Curiosity is the most important
    • Thinking like an inventor… Curious by asking “What does this mean?”
  • Why is their pressure to perform immediately?
    • It’s a followers mindset — Anchor to the competitors and play the rat race game
    • This does not allow you to break away from the competition
    • If you want to change the status quo, you cannot think this way
  • There are no shortcuts…
  • Why write the book?
    • Studied how people generated ideas
    • Was cynical at first, but what Jen learned is that leaders don’t know how to manage for innovation
  • Why do ideas get rejected?
    • “If you’re calculating risk, then it’s not creative.”
  • How to give yourself a better shot for the idea to get traction?
    • Give a feedback pitch and not a selling pitch… Ask for feedback and advice
  • Her famous study — “The Bias Against Creativity”
  • Overcoming the bias against creative leadership
    • Backlash against the people who generate the idea — It’s not good
    • Might be promoting people on out of date measures
    • Mis-reading skill set
  • “Creative Leaders have to ask questions and be curious”
  • “Stop generating ideas, start making impact”
  • Have a change circle… Talk about how you can push your idea through

“Creative leaders must ask questions… And be curious.”

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