Episode 187: Jeb Blount – How To Never Have An Empty Pipeline (Fanatical Prospecting)

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Common themes of the best sales professionals:
    • They have high Emotional Intelligence AND
    • Sales Intelligence
    • A full pipeline
  • The #1 Reason for failure is an empty pipeline
  • Ultra High Performers:
    • They prospect constantly — driven to keep the pipeline full: it builds confidence
    • Focus on deals they can win — they are a good judge of win probability
    • Have the luxury to choose the deals they work on
    • High EQ — they have the ability to manage their emotions
  • Average sales people focus on a linear sales cycle… The ultra successful focus on the buying process, they shape the buying process, decision making process, and they are masters at influencing decision makers
  • You CAN move from great to ultra performer — with work
  • Hiring process:
    • The culture must support ultra high performers
    • Using Sales Drive — An assessment to learn if people will hunt. Must have intelligence/competitiveness, an optimism to hunt 
  • 4 Parts — Interview process
    • 1) Intelligence – must be able to connect the dots that don’t seem connectable 
    • 2) Acquired Knowledge – desire to build knowledge, growing, learning, curious
    • 3) Technology Intelligence – have to build new technology into your life
    • 4) Emotional Intelligence – management of emotions, situational awareness
  • Why the average sales person is good in an interview
  • Examples of great “Turnaround Statements”
  • A live discussion of the cold email I sent Jeb to get him on my show (really interesting part)
    • You have 2 seconds to get their attention
    • Hook in the subject line
    • 1st sentence — talk to them, not you. Relate to them. Don’t write “Hey Jeb,” write “Jeb”
    • Situation — bridge — connect the dots, then ask
  • Social selling
    • Must have a great social profile
    • Monitor what you say
    • DO NOT tweet about politics or religion
    • Connect with people in your industry on LinkedIn

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

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