Episode 181: Srini Rao – How To Be Unmistakably Creative

Srini Rao is the host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative podcast where he’s conducted over 600 interviews with thought leaders and people from all walks of life. This has given him an incredibly distinctive view into branding, storytelling, and marketing. Srini has also written multiple books including the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Art of Being Unmistakable; created,planned, and executed a 60-person conference called the Instigator Experience;and am publishing the forthcoming Unmistakable book with Penguin Portfolio. Somewhere along the way his compass led him in the direction of an economics degree from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Extracting unmistakable stories out of people is his superpower. And in his spare time he’s usually chasing waves.

Episode 181: Srini Rao – How To Be Unmistakably Creative

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The Learning Leader Show

“All change is proceeded by crisis.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Common themes to sustain excellence:
    • A pathological inability to accept the status quo
    • Resilience
    • A disciplined work ethic
  • Why the path is never linear
  • Reading 100 books a year
  • How to turn disadvantages into disproportionate advantages
  • The Pepperdine MBA – How it impacted Srini
  • “Most people like the idea of leaping, but not executing on it”
  • How to make “micro-changes”
  • Creating multiple streams of revenue:
    • Author (book deals)
    • Speaking
    • Sponsors
    • Projects
  • Why you should write 1,000 words per day
  • “Systems vs. Goals”
  • Stephen Pressfield – “The Resistance”
  • The “8 Step Daily Routine”
  • Why surfing helps Srini
  • Having the ability to navigate and weave in and out of relationships
  • Learning Leader = A lifelong commitment to becoming better on a daily basis

“Is what you’re doing today leading to what you want to do five years from now?”

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

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