Episode 179: How To Sustain Excellence – The Best Answers from 178 Conversations

This is an episode unlike any other… I’ve listened through some of the best answers to the question: “What are the common characteristics/themes amongst those who have sustained excellence over an extended period of time?” We (my editor, Scott Donnell and me) pulled out some of the best, most useful answers and created an “all-star” Sustaining Excellence episode. I think you’ll like it. I welcome all feedback via Twitter or you can send me an e-mail.

Episode 179: How To Sustain Excellence – The Best Answers from 178 Conversations

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In This Episode, You Will Learn

#78 Kat Cole – A scale, a balance of 2 buckets: Courage & Confidence + Curiosity & Humility. “They are productive achievers vs destructive achievers”

#127 Adam Grant – “They are dedicated learners. What’s fascinating by them is no matter how much excellence they achieve, they are always raising the bar. The more they accomplish the more they expect of themselves. Curiosity is the starting point for all originality”

#107 Simon Sinek – “They have vision, they have charisma? I’m not so sure that’s true. They don’t need a Steve Jobs vision.  One thing I’m comfortable saying is courage.  It takes tremendous courage to stick to your values.”

#117 Tim Urban – “The impact you make is the level of measurement for a leader.  It’s different than what’s normal”

#86 Seth Godin – “They’ve made a choice”

#114 Cal Newport – “The leader respects how hard everything is that’s worth doing.” Everything’s harder than you think. Impactful contribution is really hard.”

#115 Amy Porterfield – “The first word that comes to mind is consistency… Followed mentors. All create consistent content and show up consistently. Have a drive to follow up

#42 Rob DeMartini – “To measure success you have to look at more aspects of their lives.  What was I seeing that was consistent? 4 things: Naturally curious, do they want to see how things are working? Could it be different? If you’re curious, it opens up so much. Energy & Optimism. Personal Awareness

#105 David Burkus – “I think there is a consistent dissatisfaction… I need to be proud of what I’ve done, but constantly frustrated that I’m not further along.  That balance.”

#82 Dan Pink – “Curiosity, they follow their noses, especially if they know a lot of stuff. Generosity, I love the way you put it, sustaining excellence. Reasonably generous people. They don’t pull up the ladder when they get to the top. They are hardworking and conscientious, grit. Peter Drucker comes to mind”

#74 Tim Kight – “People who consistently perform. Intentional, purposeful, and constantly building skill.”

#77 Adam Braun – “3 things: Tremendously intrinsically motivated, integrity, surround themselves with people who play a level above them.”

#48 Cameron Herold – “Sense of vulnerability… Checked ego at the door. Realize they aren’t the smartest person in the room. Sense of curiosity.”

#122 Sarah Robb O’Hagan – “One of the biggest single things is curiosity, goes hand in hand with humility. They don’t ever feel like they’ve reached the top of the mountain.”

#98 Alison Levine – “Resilience more than anything else. Resilient about putting one foot in front of the other.”

#68 Joey Coleman – “I think all leaders have 3 general things in common. 1) A growth and learning mindset. Constantly thirsting for knowledge and learning. 2) Gratitude, they recognize how lucky and blessed they are. Take time to appreciate the gifts and blessings in their lives. 3) Gentle with themselves

#108 Steven Kotler – “Ferocious about forward progress.  Nothing mild about how they attack life.  Level of commitment. The day to day.”

#43 Philip McKernan – “The eyes, peace of mind.  I can see that. Use the eyes as a gateway to see their bullshit.”

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