Episode 173: Jon Levy – The Science Of Adventure (The 2 AM Principle)

Jon Levy is a behavior scientist, consultant, writer and keynote speaker best known for his work in the fields of Influence and Social Experience.

He created The “Influencers”, a private community and dining experience for tastemakers and industry leaders. Members range across all industries from well-known actors and Olympians, to executives at major companies and royalty. Influencers has received a fair share of media including stories in The New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, The Observer, to name a few. Combining years of experience running Influencers and research, Jon has developed a deep understanding in designing social experiences and creating influencer programs for brands.

After years of studying what has become known as “The Science of Adventure”, Jon was able to discern that every adventurous experience follows a predictable four stage processes. Each stage has specific characteristics that, when applied, make the experience exciting. His newest book is titled The 2 Am Principle: Discover The Science of Adventure.

Episode 173: Jon Levy – The Science Of Adventure (The 2 AM Principle)

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“Your brain responds to novelty. If you want to have an exciting life, you need to get outside of your comfort zone.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Update on “The Influencers” — In 8 cities, 2 countries, over 800 people hosted
  • Why Jon visited every continent in 2015
  • Novelty – Your brain responds to it. How to create it…
  • Why it’s great to travel alone
  • Travel – Do something remarkable with a level of perceived risk. It will bring growth
  • How to live this lifestyle if you are married with kids…
  • An example of an introvert traveling to Europe for the first time — A “How To” guide to have a great time
  • The Ben Franklin Effect… Stacking Favors
  • The “IKEA” effect — What it means and how it impacts all of us
  • The “science of optimal anxiety” — AKA Productive Discomfort.  Say yes to a lot of things to have a wealth of experiences
  • E.P.I.C. Model of Adventure
    • Establish – Put the right people and elements in place
    • Push Boundaries – Growth, talk to strangers
    • Increase – More
    • Continue – End in style… Close the keynote with something memorable. Humans remember the peak and how it ends
  • New ways to introduce yourself at conference – “I convince people to cook me dinner”
  • George Lowenstein and his impact on Jon
  • How to travel the world with little money

“Routine is the enemy of excitement.” – Jon Levy

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