Episode 159: Henry Ward & Josh Merrill – CEO of eShares: How To Hire, Manage, & Lead

Henry Ward is the CEO of eShares. Josh Merrill leads product and Marketing at eShares

Hiring Principles:

Hiring means we failed to execute and need help

Startup employee effectiveness follows a power law

False Positives are okay, False Negatives are not

Culture is defined by who we hire

Hiring Heuristics:

Hire for Strength vs Lack of Weakness

Hire for Trajectory vs Experience

Hire Doers vs Tellers

Hire Learners vs Experts

Hire Different vs Similar

Always pass on ego

Episode 159: Henry Ward & Josh Merrill – CEO of eShares: How To Hire, Manage, & Lead

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The Learning Leader Show

“The success of a company is the sum of the people in it.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Patience, long term thinking, and understanding that your success will be determined by the people you surround yourself with will lead to sustained excellence
  • Product focused and understanding “The Artist’s Dilemma”
  • The best produce it for themselves
  • How eShares was created
  • Why their partnership works so well
  • What Josh feels Henry doesn’t do well (Interesting moment!)
  • Why don’t more companies publicly share what they believe in?
  • eShares hiring process
  • Why you shouldn’t hire someone because they are a “culture fit”
  • Why you shouldn’t have performance plans — Once you’ve deemed the person is not working, then fire them immediately
  • Hiring for trajectory vs. experience
  • How it’s similar to the LA Rams drafting Jared Goff with their #1 pick… Being patient to develop him
  • How should you grade employees? Don’t… Teach them to grade themselves. Don’t give people a number grade — “How am I doing?” “You’re doing a 2.”
  • How to fire someone:
    • Give sincere explanation for why
    • Don’t make it one-sided
    • Help them with what’s next
  • Be intrigued about what you do — “eShares is a learning experience for me. I’m doing things I’ve never done before”

“False positives are okay. False negatives are not.”

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

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