Episode 154: Lewis Howes – How To Acknowledge Greatness

Lewis Howes is an online marketing expert, sought after business coach, author, podcaster, USA Men’s National Team Handball Player, and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. In 3 years, Howes went from sleeping on his sister’s couch to running a seven figure online education business. A former pro football player, and two sport All American, Howes experienced a career ending wrist injury that forever changed the trajectory of his business career. He has spoken to thousands at conferences, educated entrepreneurs and professionals around the world on how to make a living doing what they love. Howes has developed multiple educational online courses for entrepreneurs and business owners.  His latest book, “The School of Greatness” is a New York Times Best-Seller.

The Learning Leader Show

“Do I have permission to make this the best interview you’ve ever done?”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Being passionate and obsessed with your craft combined with a commitment to being great will help you sustain excellence
  • Lewis sharing the painful moments about being sexually abused as a kid and how that impacted him
  • The things that hold us back from being a true leader
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Let’s change our conversation style… Instead of asking, “What do you do?” Let’s ask, “What are you most excited about in your life? What are you most grateful for in your life?”
  • His vision = Serve 100 million people
  • Dealing with depression when a wrist injury ended his football career
  • “Follow your curiosity” 
  • Master a skill to serve others – Be challenged — Look at your life in 6 month seasons
  • Why Lewis transferred back and forth multiple times in college
  • Focusing on your strengths and how it helps
  • How to prime someone you are about to interview
  • Why we all should acknowledge the positive attributes of a person and most importantly TELL them
  • “I want to acknowledge you for…”
  • A true leader is always learning

“When you’re a startup, you have to be willing to take a lot of risks.”

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

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