Episode 126: Jayson Gaignard – Mastermind Talks: An Event With A Lower Acceptance Rate Than Harvard

Jayson Gaignard has become a great friend over the course of the past year.  He calls himself a “talent scout” – Meaning he looks for people on the rise and works hard to support them on that journey.  Jayson believes building those relationships are more important than just simply seeking the “already famous” people in the world.  I’m grateful that he’s been such a great supporter of me for the last year. 

The event that Jayson Gaignard has created (Mastermind Talks) is harder to get an invitation to than it is to get accepted to Harvard (5.2% for Harvard).  Mastermind Talks accepts less than 1 half of 1% of applicants.  Jayson Gaignard says this is the key to the long term success of his business.  In 2016, the event was held in Ojai, CA and I was fortunate to be one of those in attendance.  During this conversation today, we discussed the details and specifics around executing a world class event.  You’ll be amazed at Jayson’s attention to detail and his care for each and every member.  He’s one of the most thoughtful leaders I’ve ever met.

“Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.”

Episode 126: Jayson Gaignard – Mastermind Talks: An Event With A Lower Acceptance Rate Than Harvard

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The Learning Leader Show

“We’re Drowning In Information, But Starving For Wisdom.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Success breeds complacency and arrogance.  Leaders who sustain excellence are not arrogant and are never complacent
  • “Amazing people often know other amazing people”
  • How and why Jayson has resisted the temptation to have open enrollment – He actively leaves a large sum of money on the table ever year
  • Jayson’s remarkable ability to develop trust with his colleagues
  • Going into an event without sharing an agenda or featured speakers – Again Jayson has built massive trust
  • Why it’s helpful to build in a great deal of time for people to mingle
  • Roundtables/Breakout Sessions – The power of having subject matter experts as attendees
  • Peer to Peer learning is huge part of Mastermind Talks
  • The element of surprise – Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Hawk, James Altucher, Damien Escobar
  • If you want to be blown away, watch this: Damien Escobar
  • “My focus is on scaling trust.  If I have trust, I can make magic happen”
  • The importance of having a morning “movement event” – Get people together early to workout, eat breakfast, and then start the formal information at 10:00
  • Advice given to event attendees: How to stand out and make an impact on your fellow attendees

“Amazing People Know Other Amazing People.”

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell


Bio From MastermindTalks.com (In Jayson’s words)

Just a few years ago, I was stuck on the entrepreneurial “hamster wheel” building a business I hated, which enabled me to buy things I didn’t need, to impress people I didn’t even like. I was “successful” on the outside, but the heaviness of that success left me yearning for the lightness of being a beginner again.

That business made me “burn the boats” in search of something different… something fulfilling. I didn’t know what this would be at the time, but by the end of our first event in May of 2013, I knew I had found it.

Entrepreneurs may come to our events for content – but they leave with something far more valuable… community. Entrepreneurship can be very isolating at times, and it’s hard to find like-minded individuals. Over the last few years I’ve spent my time carefully curating an incredible network of entrepreneurs without using rational benchmarks such as their type of business, or revenues. Instead, I curate based upon who they are and what they stand for. Just like an investor investing in businesses, I invest in people, because I believe that amazing people become increasingly amazing over time.

I dedicate my life to supporting and serving a small group of individuals. These people value legacy over currency. They know that good is the enemy of great, and are never satisfied with what is considered “good” in any area of their life.

They are not afraid to sacrifice who they are for who they want to become.

These are the people I’m committed to – Is that you?

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