Episode 121: Ryan Michler – How To Build Your 1,000 True

If you have a desire to build your own tribe full of raving,
engaged fans, then this is a great episode for you.  I
originally met Ryan Michler over a year ago… He was in the midst of
building his community, “The Order of Man.”  It’s incredible
to see how far and impactful his community has become in just 12
months.  In addition… Ryan and his wife had their 4th child
the DAY BEFORE we recorded this episode.  Ryan is a man of his
word and didn’t want to cancel even in the midst of having a
child!  Incredible.

Ryan Michler is the creator of “The Order of Man” and “The Iron
Council.”  The Order of Man is a website that provides
fantastic value to leaders who strive to improve on a daily
basis.  Ryan also has a podcast with the same name.  I
was fortunate to be a guest on his show in May of 2015.  You
can listen to that episode HERE
 if you would like.

Episode 121: Ryan Michler – How To Build Your 1,000 True

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The Learning Leader Show

“The Reality Is You Get To Choose Your

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The ability to take action on a consistent basis leads to
    sustained excellence
  • Read Teddy Roosevelt’s “The Strenuous Life”
  • How and Why Ryan created “The Order of Man”
  • The impact it had on Ryan’s life by not having a father
  • The Iron Council – Why he created it and what they do for their
  • Spending a year in Ramadi (Iraq) in a combat zone
  • Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • The benefits of having an accountability partner
  • How to build your own community
  • “Decentralized Command” – Having team leaders
  • Focusing on the ONE thing that will yield the most impact
  • The 3 P’s of Masculinity
  • Learning Leader = Being Humble, realizing you don’t have it all
    figured out yet and you never will

Continue Learning:

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

Bio From OrderOfMan.com (In Ryan’s Words)

Most of my childhood was spent without a permanent father figure
in my life. I never learned how to work on my car, I never had the
chance to roughhouse with my dad, and I didn’t even learn how to
throw a baseball correctly until I was a freshman in high

Looking back on it now, I wonder how my life would have been
different if I had a permanent male influence in my life. What
would the world look like if there were more men in it? I’m not
talking about males. I’m talking about MEN (there is a

Now that I have sons, I’m committed to being the dad that I
never had. We do all kinds of great things together-sports (I coach
ALL their teams), build tree houses, and roughhouse ’til we’re

As I talk with other men, I can see that there is a huge need
for learning how to be a better father. But I’ve also seen a need
for strong and honorable men outside of the home.

Guys, we’re losing the meaning of manhood. We’ve gone away from
being strong, rugged, independent, and tough to a collection of
wimpy, dependent, whiners. Something has got to be done!

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