Episode 100: What I’ve Learned Through 100 Episodes Of The Learning Leader Show

First and foremost… Thank YOU.  Thank you to the loyal listeners and supporters of The Learning Leader Show.  The feedback I receive from you inspires me to continue seeking out world class guests and preparing so hard for each and every episode.  To honor this incredibly special episode…#100…we are shaking things up a bit!  Today I will answer questions posed to me from YOU, the fans of the show.  Do you have questions for me?  To ask, simply subscribe to my newsletter on www.LearningLeader.com  and send me a note.  In the future, I plan to incorporate more of your questions into my show, so please subscribe and share your questions. It’s an honor to have my good friend and mentor Greg Meredith  join me for this episode as a facilitator.  He focuses on the questions that have been posed to me, along with questions he has come up with while being a loyal fan of the show. Want more episodes like this? Send me a note, I love hearing feedback from you. 

Episode 100: What I’ve Learned Through 100 Episodes Of The Learning Leader Show

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The Learning Leader Show

“I Would Urge You To Cause A Ruckus.  We Need More People Like That…”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Fearing mediocrity… Being intrinsically motivated to be great
  • How to understand and focus on you “important but not urgent” time
  • What separates great leaders from good leader…
  • Kat Cole’s words… “Courage and Confidence mixed with Humility and Curiosity
  • Opening up as the host of the show – Being more vulnerable, sharing my voice in a bigger way
  • Mastering a new skill
  • Making Money From The Show – My views
  • The Best Team Win I’ve Ever Experienced
  • The most talented teammate I’ve ever played with…
  • My dream family vacation
  • How to be a value-adder/giver when you don’t have much to offer? What can you do to add value when you do not have a lot of experience, few resources, and an under-developed network?
  • The small difference between making it in the NFL and coming up just short
  • In one sentence, why do I do this?

 “I Believe Everyone Can Be A Leader And I Show Them How.”

Continue Learning:

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Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

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