Episode 027: John Corcoran – How To Be As Charismatic As President Bill Clinton

John Corcoran is one of the most giving human beings I’ve ever met.  Prior to us recording this episode, John consistently went out of his way to introduce me to other inspiring leaders… Since we recorded he has introduced me to many more extremely intelligent learning leaders.  I am so grateful to John and so fortunate to call him a friend.  This was a fantastic episode where we covered a ton of topics ranging from hearing world leaders argue in the white house to the best way to tell someone thank you.  I promise you will get a lot out of this episode.

John Corcoran has worked in Hollywood, written speeches for President Bill Clinton and lost his job when Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Governator. Even though he’s lived in California most of his life, he is the world’s worst surfer, although he does speak Valley Girl fluently. His day job is working with small business owners and entrepreneurs as a lawyer and business advisor.

Episode 027: John Corcoran – How To Be As Charismatic As President Bill Clinton

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The Learning Leader Show

“Do not underestimate the value of a small gesture.”

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get the job in the Clinton White House?
  • What did you learn the most from Bill Clinton?
  • How do you sense the difference between a giver and a taker?
  • Where does your ethic stem from?
  • Why do we fail to implement after learning a great new idea?
  • What impact did your Dad getting fired have on you?
  • Which individual leader has had the most influence on you?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why and how President Bill Clinton was so charismatic
  • The importance of consistently making introductions
  • What it means to give when you do not have any power
  • Why Jayson Gaignard’s attention to detail is so powerful and inspiring
  • Why humility is a key trait in a Learning Leader
  • The elements that define a quality life

 “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” – John Wooden

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This was a jam packed episode full of great content.  Ben Greenfield is leader who is constantly learning in order to help us all live a better life. Who do you know that needs to hear this?  Send them to The Learning Leader Show!

Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell


Bio From SmartBusinessRevolution.com   

In John’s words: At 23 years old, I landed a job as a Writer in the Clinton White House.

I didn’t go to an Ivy League School, come from a family of wealthy donors, or have any “insider connections” to land me the job.

I got the job because I’m good at developing relationships with the right people. I’m good at getting to know VIPs and other successful leaders.

I wasn’t always good at relationships.  In fact, I was pretty clueless about social cues when I was younger. I would come home from school in junior high and play video games for hours. It was pretty pathetic.

Then my father got laid off. In fact, my Dad got laid off three separate times while I was growing up. Each time, we went from living a comfortable life to barely making ends meet.

I desperately wanted him to call someone up and say “give me a job!” But he couldn’t, because he didn’t have the relationships.

That experience taught me the importance of building and nurturing relationships with VIPs, top performers and other influential people who don’t just know you, but who like you and want to help you succeed.


Your Competitors Are Making More Money Than You Because They Have a Better Network

Every year, tens of thousands of people lose their jobs. And thousands of small businesses go under. Far too often, people suffer because they don’t have the right relationships to help them get ahead.

The business world is not a pure meritocracy. Getting an education, going to a good school, and getting a good job is not enough to cut it. Too many good businesses go under because their owners don’t create the right relationships.

The people who are really successful – and who get the best rewards – reach the top because they actively seek out the right network.


A Powerful Personal Network Will Make the Difference Between Rich and Being Ignored

I have used the same relationship strategies that got me a White House job again and again. In Hollywood. Working in the heart of Silicon Valley. And in starting and running my own boutique law firm that brings in over six figures of revenue each year.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet (and work for) Presidents and famous CEOs. My writing has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Art of Manliness, and on some of the most popular blogs and podcasts today. I’ve interviewed an incredible array of  successful entrepreneurs. I’ve gotten some incredible perks.


I don’t say these things to brag; I am saying all this to show you what is possible for you.

I want to show you that you can use positive, “win-win” relationships to move forward in the business world. Even if you are shy, or introverted. Even if you hate marketing yourself. And even if the idea of “networking” makes you want to puke.



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