Episode 001: How To Become A Master Connector With Jayson Gaignard From MasterMind Talks


I love discussing how we can all better ourselves by becoming improving our connecting skills.  This was a phenomenal episode. Jayson shares that the best way to connect with others is to first look to help them.  I think it is one of most life-changing and important skills we can master.


“To me, at the end of the day, it’s not how many friends you can count, it’s how many friends you can count on.” – Jayson Gaignard


That’s just one reason I had an awesome time interviewing today’s guest on The Learning Leader Show.


Welcome to Episode 001 with the connecting genius, Jayson Gaignard

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The Learning Leader Show


“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” – John Wooden


Some Questions I Ask:

  • What big moments led Jayson to this point in his life?

  • Why did he intentionally run his first business in to the ground?

  • At what specific moment did Jayson know he had created something meaningful?

  • What made him pay Tim Ferriss $84,000 to speak at his first event while he was $250,000 in debt?

  • What specific things can people do to get outside of their comfort zone?


“Investing in myself and investing in my relationships is the greatest investment I can make.”  – Jayson Gaignard


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to create your own MasterMind talk

  • The benefits of utilizing James Altucher’s 10 Ideas a Day approach to life

  • Specific Goal Setting Practices

  • The importance of loyalty to others

  • How regular people can do what Jayson has done

  • How to become a better public speaker

  • Why making 22 times the national average did not help him become 22 times happier than the national average

  • How he’s made a very quick ascent to get to where he is


“We over estimate what we can accomplish in a day, but we under estimate what we can accomplish in a year” – Jayson Gaignard


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Did you enjoy the podcast?

I love discussing how we can all better ourselves at connecting with others through helping them.  Jayson has mastered this vital skill.  I loved this episode.  Who do you know that needs to hear this?  Send them to The Learning Leader Show!


Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell



Building connections and building relationships are how you bring real value to the world around you.


Jayson Gaignard is a super-connector.


Broke and $250,000 in debt, Jayson thought about an idea that nobody else was doing after getting a free ticket to hear Seth Godin speak, connecting entrepreneurs over an intimate dinner.


He paid for this himself by going even further into debt with no expectations of ever making money on these. Mastermind Dinners launched and Jayson’s new venture was off and running.  Hear Jayson discuss how he scraped together $84,000 in order to pay for Tim Ferriss to speak at his first event.  Incredible!


Entrepreneurship often takes an unyielding belief in yourself, and Jayson definitely believes.


Listen today to hear the story of someone who bet everything he had on an idea.


His new book, MasterMind Dinners: Build Lifelong Relationship by Connecting Experts, Influencers,and Linchpins  is a phenomenal read and he hosts a podcast, Mastermind Talks.  I highly recommend that you subscribe to it.




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