Episode 161: Hank Fortener – “The 5 Chapters Of Your Life”

Hank Fortener saw the transformational power of adoption when his parents gave forever homes to eight kids from eight different countries and fostered 36 children while he was a boy.

Because of this, Hank created Adopt Together. AdoptTogether.org is the world’s first crowd funding site for adoption. In the first 4 years, AdoptTogether.org has helped over 2,000 families raise over $8.5M to cover adoption expenses and bring their children home. Hank also speaks on the topics of leadership and teaming. He has spoken to companies such as: Sony Entertainment, Cardinal Health, Cornerstone On Demand, and a host of others. He has a podcast titled, “Typically Hazardous.” Hank lives in Los Angeles with his wife Sueann and two daughters Cora and Charlotte. Hank also loves two dollar bills, great ideas, and good coffee. He currently is on tour with Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato. Had had the privilege of speaking at TEDx on “How To Use The Internet To Solve World Problems.”

Episode 161: Hank Fortener – “The 5 Chapters Of Your Life”

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“What are the five chapters you want in your life?”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A person who is “drunk in everything about their life” who has great, healthy relationships will lead to sustaining excellence
  • The importance of consistency — “It’s the only thing that has emerged to help me be successful”
  • How to be more consistent – Set up tools (Evernote), Write 10 ideas per day (via James Altucher)
  • Balancing his four main points of emphasis right now: Writing a book, podcast, running his non-profit, World Adoption Day
  • Most excited about? Building a one of a kind type of platform — “Creating the life I want”
  • Currently hosting a pre-show on Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato’s tour — How it came about
  • What are the 5 chapters you want in you life? — Write them out
  • Write previous chapters in your life that you liked and didn’t like
  • Why he doesn’t do well with a boss, but also why he is not a good solo entrepreneur — He needs a team
  • 3 Keys To Being a Fantastic Leader
    • Generous – Volunteer connections, energy, and compliments
    • Trust – Character, and Honesty
    • Overwhelmingly accessible – You must be there for those that you lead “You must show up”
  • How “World Adoption Day” came about
  • Scott Harrison – Charity Water CEO is involved
  • The “Seth Godin” approach – Pitch 10 people – If it comes back, it’s good.
  • The significance of a hand with a smiley face
  • The process for “creating a day” with the United Nations
  • Why adoption? His family fostered 36 children. 19 million children don’t have lead parents. He grew up with 8 adopted brothers and sisters
  • Why as the leader you must be “the first in and last out”

“Ultimately, being consistent has led to long term success.”

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