Episode 160: Liz Wiseman – Why Lack Of Experience Is Your Advantage

Liz Wiseman teaches leadership to executives and emerging leaders around the world. She is the President of The Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. Some of her recent clients include: Apple, Disney, eBay/PayPal, Facebook, GAP, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Roche, Salesforce.com, and Twitter. Liz has been listed on the Thinkers50 ranking and named as one of the top 10 leadership thinkers in the world and recipient of the 2016 ATD Champion of Talent Award.

She is the author of three best-selling books: Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter and The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools. She has conducted significant research in the field of leadership and collective intelligence and writes for Harvard Business Review and Fortune and her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Inc. and Time magazines. She is a frequent guest lecturer at BYU, and Stanford University.

A former executive at Oracle Corporation, she worked over the course of 17 years as the Vice President of Oracle University and as the global leader for Human Resource Development. During her tenure at Oracle, she led several major global initiatives and has worked and traveled in over 40 countries.

Liz holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a Masters of Organizational Behavior from Brigham Young University. Liz lives in Menlo Park, California with her husband and four children who share her over-active curiosity and sense of adventure. (Bio from thewisemangroup.com) (Picture from thinkers50.com)

Episode 160: Liz Wiseman – Why Lack Of Experience Is Your Advantage

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The Learning Leader Show

“The leaders job is to pull out the greatness around them.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Having an outward orientation and thinking beyond yourself will lead to sustained excellence
  • Liz describes a “genius vs a genius maker”
  • “The leaders job is to pull out greatness around them. They are past themselves.”
  • Larry Ellison is a prime example of a leader who pulls out the greatness in others
  • How to earn the trust of the CEO
  • Why learning beats knowing
  • Only 15% of what we know today will be relevant 5 years from now
  • Why lack of experience is your advantage
  • Career advice to younger workers: “Don’t try to replicate someone else. Don’t be a “Steve Jobs wannabe” — Be yourself
  • Managers need to understand the value of rookies
  • The disciplines of a “multiplier vs a diminsher”
  • Signs you’ve reached a plateau in your career:
    • Things are running smoothly
    • You have “ready answers”
    • You’re getting positive feedback all the time
    • You’re the mentor
    • You’re busy but bored
    • You start to play it safe
  • Diminisher = Energy killer, puts a blanket on new ideas
  • Multiplier = They use their own intelligence to amplify and help others grow and succeed
  • A Diminsher is
    • A trophy collector… Treats talented employees like trophies (until they leave)
    • A tyrant… A creator of stress
    • A “know it all”
  • A Multiplier is
    • A talent magnet… People grow around multipliers and other great leaders flow to them
    • A liberator… They give space
    • A challenger… They invite people to do hard things. They get comfortable inviting others to be uncomfortable. They create a warm environment.
    • Someone who creates a safe environment for intellectual curiosity and creates stretch

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” – Sara Blakely

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