Episode 071: Nate Boyer – Green Beret, Texas Football, The NFL, Making Films

**A Special Veterans Day Episode** Nate Boyer leads a remarkable life.  He’s been all over the world working hard to help others and defend our country.  Nate truly values passion and having no compromise when going after your vision.  He has proven that he will stop at nothing in order to achieve it.  We are extremely fortunate to have Nate share his vision with us, the loyal listeners of The Learning Leader Show. 

In 2004, Nate Boyer became a relief worker in Sudan, building camps for refugees of the War in Darfur. After a short tenure there, he enlisted in the United States Army, training at Fort Benning, and later was accepted into the Green Berets. After multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Boyer earned an honorable discharge after six years of service. During that period of time, Nate walked on to the football team at the University of Texas where he earned the position of starting long snapper. After his college career was complete, Nate was signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent.

Episode 071: Nate Boyer – Green Beret, Texas Football, The NFL, Making Films

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The Learning Leader Show

“High Achievers have zero compromise when it comes to their passion and vision.  They have a clear picture of what they want.”

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What are some common characteristics all high achievers share?
  • How has your perspective changed after spending time in Darfur helping refuges?
  • What was the process like to become a green beret?
  • How has your perspective changed after spending time in Iraq and Afghanistan in firefights?
  • What was your thought process to walking on for the football team at The University of Texas when you had never played football before?
  • Describe the lifestyle of a 30 year old college student who left every summer to fight in a war…
  • What does being a learning leader mean to you?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Having zero compromise when going after your vision
  • A viewpoint on your life as a blank canvas
  • Appreciating the freedom to have the ability to paint that canvas however you want
  • The 18 X Ray program to become a Green Beret
  • Working for Peter Berg’s Film 44 Company
  • 22 veterans per day lose the battle with suicide and what we can do to help
  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

 “If it’s easy, it does not motivate me.” – Nate Boyer

Continue Learning:

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This was a jam packed episode full of great content.  Nate Boyer is a leader who is constantly learning in order to help us all live a better life. Who do you know that needs to hear this?  Send them to The Learning Leader Show!

Episode edited by the great J Scott Donnell

Bio From NateBoyer.com   

September-October 2004 Volunteered at Refugee Camps in the Darfur region of Sudan/Chad border.  March 2005 Joined the US Army.  December 2006 Earned the Green Beret.  February-September 2007 Stationed in Okinawa with 1st Special Forces Group.  August 2007 Traveled with father Steve to Kamchatka in Russia for fly fishing adventure.  April 2008-January 2009 Deployed with ODA 0324 10th Special Forces Group to Iraq.  October-November 2009 JCET mission in Israel with Israeli SOF.  January 2010 Walked on to the University of Texas football team as a safety.  January 2011 Backpacked through Central America.  June-July 2011 JCET mission in Bulgaria with Bulgarian SOF.  March 2012 During Spring Practices learned to long snap.  June-July 2012 JCET mission in Greece with Greek SOF.  Fall 2012-Fall 2014 Starting long snapper from week 2 through the rest of college football playing career.  April-August 2013 Deployed to Afghanistan with Special Operations Joint Task Force-Afghanistan.  April-August 2014 Deployed to Afghanistan and was attached to ODA 3116 3rd Special Forces Group.  January 2015 Played in Medal of Honor Bowl in Charleston, SC.  Current Training for the NFL at Unbreakable Performance Center in Los Angeles while interning at Peter Berg’s production company, Film 44.

Nate is currently training in Los Angeles at Unbreakable Performance Center, owned by Jay Glazer and Brian Urlacher, where he is fighting for a long snapping position in the NFL. While finishing up his masters in advertising from the University of Texas, Nate is also interning at Peter Berg’s production company, Film 44. In addition, Nate continues to work with various veteran nonprofit organizations, such as #22Kill, in an effort to support their missions.