As Chairman and CEO of the industrial giant Honeywell over 16 years, David Cote grew the company’s market capitalization from around $20 billion to nearly $120 billion, delivering returns of 800 percent and beating the S&P by nearly two and a half times.
Currently, David is Executive Chairman of Vertiv Holdings Co, a global data center products and services provider. He is a member of the Aspen Economic Strategy Group and on the Boards of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Conference of Montreal. Read his fantastic new book: Winning Now, Winning Later.

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FORBES recently called WELCOME TO MANAGEMENT, “the best leadership book of 2020.”

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The Learning Leader Show

  • Sustained excellence =
    • Intense desire to win – Encounter obstacle and figure it out. Get to a solution.
    • Intelligence – Don’t follow the herd.
    • Ability to think independently – Don’t “fad surf”
    • Intense curiosity – Need to be interested
    • Courage – Cannot become paralyzed. Need conviction to make decisions. Look for falsification bias, not confirmation bias.
    • Ability to motivate a large group of people.
  • Why was he chosen? “The company was in bad shape. I was not their first choice. Others turned it down. Don’t let your ego get in the way.”
  • Run towards the fire… How to advance in your career?
    • Must perform – exceed expectations.
    • Requires visibility – Take the visible job.
    • Get results the right way.
    • Do 360 Reviews – Put strengths and issues in a 4 block.
    • Don’t be defensive with feedback.
    • Be decisive.
  • Interviewing process (qualities David looks for):
    • History of getting results
    • Self-awareness
    • Can they learn?
      • Must be able to change and build upon what predecessor had done.
  • Short term and long term thinking:
    • Banish intellectual laziness
      • “That is the definition of insanity”
    • “Success is the ability to think both long term and short term.”
  • Great sales professionals build great relationships
  • High performance culture:
    • Work will be fulfilling. It won’t always be fun. David avoided all morale building exercises. “What matters is people need to feel they are part of something and it does well.”
  • Define what a high performance culture is.
    • “Be relentless about implementation.”
  • “Be right at the end of the meeting.”
  • “You get measure as a leader based on the decisions you make.”
  • Public speaking is a great tool to learn how to communicate succinctly. It’s a skill worth building.
  • Here is WHY joining a Learning Leader Circle is a good idea…


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