Brian Kight is the founder of Daily Discipline. He writes essays on how to pursue your most meaningful objectives with intention, purpose, and skill. His work is read by millions of people all over the world. Brian (known as BK) personally works with leaders in business and in sports on how to align teams and accelerate results.

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The Learning Leader Show

  • What mistakes do leaders make when trying to change the culture?
    • They are too fuzzy with their language. It’s plain.
    • They separate culture from execution. In reality, execution is the strongest indicator of culture.
    • “The testing of my beliefs is the discipline of my actions.”
  • Learning Happens through Depth: People now place too much emphasis on learning fast and not enough on learning deeply. The consequence is a false equivalence of consumption with learning and a false confidence that what gets consumed is understood.
    • Learning occurs through immersion, not cheat codes. No one cares how many books you’ve read or podcasts you’ve heard.  These are not marks of success, achievement, or wisdom. Success is applying the lessons of one book in a manner so disciplined that it transforms your life or at least impacts it in a meaningful fashion.
  • To learn, transform, or build something of lasting capability, merit, and value, immerse yourself in the learning experience. If you want a change, fully engage.
  • Shed volume for depth. Swap variety for rigor. Don’t minimize your effort through hacks or cheapen your experience with cheat codes.
  • Are you trying to feel good for a while or improve yourself forever?
  • Leaders create the culture that drives the behavior that produces results…
  • E + R = O
    • Event + (Your) Response = Outcome
  • The confidence – Doubt spectrum
  • The 5 things confidence comes from:
    • I know what to do
    • I know how to do it
    • Do I feel capable of doing it?
    • I expect good results
    • I’ll be ok if the results are not what I expect
  • Leaders instill confidence in people
    • Reps are a tool for belief
  • Goal Setting: “I’m not into goal setting, I’m a system setter.”
    • “My commitment is to execute the system.”
    • “Outcomes are not my goals.”
  • Light can be pushed through a prism or a magnifying glass.
    • A prism creates a rainbow. Nice, looks good.
    • A magnifying glass creates focus and fire.
      • Ask, “Am I a prism or a magnifying glass?”
  • Businesses are not rational environments, they are emotional environments. They don’t run by rational rules, they run by emotional ones.
  • Everything is an exchange. You give attention, time, and energy (ATE) to things with the expectation of a return on that investment.
  • How do we align our inner and outer Pursuits? – Getting secure and aligned on the inside leads to excellence on the outside. The best way to position yourself for external excellence is to prioritize internal fulfillment.
  • Life & Career advice:
    • Be a creator of the energy you need. Your energy comes from your purpose.
    • “Don’t follow your passion, just always bring it with you.”
    • “Your response needs to always be better than your circumstances.”
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