The Learning Leader Show was first published on April 9, 2015. TODAY marks the show’s 8th birthday! To celebrate, I kick off the episode by sharing some key learnings I’ve gathered over the past 8 years… And then I answer YOUR questions and did a full AMA (Ask Me Anything). If you’d like me to do more AMAs, send me an email: Ryan (at) LearningLeader dot com

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The Learning Leader Show

  • Here are some key things I’ve learned after publishing The Learning Leader Show for 8 years…
    • Consistency > Intensity. Showing up to do the work (prep) each day is key. Become part of your routine as a listener. Consistency builds trust. You know you’re going to have a new show for your Monday morning walk or commute.
    • Following your genuine curiosity is attractive. This parasocial relationship is built because as the listener you know I’m following what I’m actually curious about. I own guest selection 100%. They are all my call and my call alone. I only choose guests that I’m deeply curious about.
    • The curiosity-judgemental spectrum. Talking with more people with a wide range of life experiences has helped me view the world from their eyes and be less judgemental. All the way back to episode 3 with Maurice Clarett. Approach people with curiosity, not judgment.
    • The prep works as a forcing function to learn. Same with mindful Monday. I have systems in place to ensure I’m getting a little bit wiser each day. And that learning compounds over time. Create forcing functions on your life to intentionally get better. Don’t just wander from meeting to meeting each week. What are you doing to ensure your learning is compounding? The Charlie Munger quote; go to bed a little wiser than when you woke up. I try to live by that.
    • Relationships with your heroes: General McChrystal. Pat Lencioni. So many others. Being pleasant to work with. Showing up prepared. Being grateful. Following up. All of that has helped me build real relationships with people I admire. The McChrystal trip to Gettysburg. Forewords to books. McChrystal and Lencioni. Dan Pink. The Kat Cole ATL show. Adam Grant. Ryan Holiday.
    • Relationships with listeners. Some amazing friendships have been formed and fostered because of this podcast. So many of my Learning Leader Circle members. Technically they are clients of mine, but lots of them have become genuine friends for life.
    • Communication skillLISTENING. Thinking. Speaking, Writing. All have improved. Earned the opportunity to speak on hundreds of stages all over the world. Publish books. Meet fascinating people.
  • Listener AMA:
    • Learn 2 Cope (Instagram) – What was the biggest struggle you had transitioning to life after sports?
    • Kevin Janiec (Instagram) – How do you and Miranda balance and align your competing priorities?
    • Samantha Phillips (LinkedIn), Sales Manager at Insight Global – 1. What is 1 of your champagne toasts? (Victory Shot toast) 2. Who is 1 person you have not yet had on your show that you’d like to?
    • Aaron Arnston (LinkedIn) – Congratulations, Ryan!  Truly blazing a trail, we’ll done! You have interviewed hundreds of guests and I have liked every show, can’t recall one, not one, show I didn’t like…have you ever interviewed guests that didn’t make the cut or do you have a filtering process prior to the show that helps with this?
    • Noah Vasilj (Mindful Monday email response): My question is a “3 parter”:
      • What is your favorite part of your job?
      • Do you generally enjoy/love what you do?
      • What keeps you interested and going on the days when you are not at 100%?
    • Brian Causer (Twitter) — Congrats! Love the show, Ryan. One of my top podcasts and I listen weekly. Maybe have two questions… How do you choose your guests? Referral? Follow your curiosity? Also, what is one question you wish someone would ask you that nobody has asked you before?
    • The Greek In The Kitchen (Instagram) — Who is the guest you think about most or has had the most influence on you?
    • Denise Kollias (LinkedIn) Hi! Congratulation! I have been listening to your podcast since 2017 and it has been a Godsend. It has taught me so much and I appreciate all your hard work to continually bring insightful conversations on leadership. My question is what episodes were your favorite to record or the top 5 that you recommend with the greatest impact to help people grow or push through?
    • JP Botero (Instagram) – After 8 years of experience, what would you recommend to the Ryan thinking of creating The Learning Leader Show?
    • Aaron Campbell – After 8 years of exploration along a central theme, how would you finish this sentence: “A great leader is….”
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